The tablet that just might replace your laptop from AT&T

Go-To Mobile Office with Surface6a0105362badb1970b01b8d26a17bd970c-800wi
Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you a preview of the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet I’ve been dying to get my hands on? Well, thanks to AT&T, I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and it's been great to ditch my heavy weight laptop for a bit and go light, especially with all the traveling we've been doing.

I hate that whenever I travel it’s this big dilemma about whether I will take my 7” Android tablet that is hard to work on or I will cave and take the super heavy and way-too-large laptop that I use for editing photos and videos. Sadly, the laptop usually wins and it’s yet another thing I need to haul around with all the kids. If it's truly a vacation and I don't plan on working at all, the Android tablet is okay, but it’s definitely not a work substitute and it could mean a whole lot of stress if even a small issue comes up.

For everyone who is Windows-based like me, the Surface is the perfect answer to this dilemma. I need to have all my files and work documents while still being lightweight and portable, and the Surface is all that and more. They call it "the tablet that can replace your laptop", and for many that would definitely be the case if they don't need a ton of storage, an entertainment hub, or a large monitor screen for editing photos/videos or designing.Microsoft tablet and phone

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Cute and comfortable customized footwear from ABEO

ABEO shoes side 6a0105362badb1970b01b8d26a17bd970c-800wiYou guys, I have seen the future of footwear. And, that future is amazing.

Imagine a world where you take a few minutes to stand on a sensor and a computer magically tells you not only your size, but also your specific fit needs. This world exists, and it’s just as amazing as it sounds. The high-tech computer system gives information about your arch height, walking style, and the balance of your step, which the ABEO program then uses to customize your footwear experience in a whole new way.

Yes, I said customize. ABEO shoes on side

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10+ tips for car trips with kids

10 tips for car trips with kidsDo you have some long car trips coming up for the summer? Like most people, I will be spending quite a bit of time in my car over the next few weeks as we visit relatives, see the sights, and vacation with friends in the area, and I’m already planning ahead for the road trips with three young kiddos.

To me, road trips are a great way to bond and see the sights both near and far in ways you just can't on an airplane, and I love taking a good road trip {or three} each summer. But, because of limited space and cramped conditions, they can also be a delicate balance of having what you need with fun things to do, without packing your vehicle from top to bottom. The picture below shows a precarious suitcase tower that includes what 5 people need for a snowshoe, ski, sun, and swim trip and even with the bigger car, and all of this stuff really pushed the limits of what is manageable for a road trip.

 Outlander 2017 luggage

Here are a few tips for awesome car trips with kids:

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Festive and fun last-minute shopping for everyone on your list at Seattle Premium Outlets

Sponsored postCan you believe Christmas is less than a week away? It seemed like I had things under control and then late last week I checked I still had a dozen of presents left to buy and the days were flying by. Instead of stressing out, I decided to take an afternoon off and head up to Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip, WA for a day of shopping, meeting up with friends, and ultimately, crossing off my list once and for all. Seattle Premium Outlets signBaby and I set off on an epic shopping trip that started with meeting up for coffee with a long-lost friend, and then ended with her falling asleep clutching an empty Coach shopping bag, a Tigger bracelet, a handful of stickers, and a notebook – all of which were given to her on our shopping trip for being such a delight. Seattle Premium Outlets coffee break with friendsWe stopped by guest services where we were greeted with beautiful holiday decorations on the fireplaces flanking the food court. This is where you can pick up mall gift cards as well as shop their huge selection of restaurant, store, and experience gift cards at the gift card kiosk.

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The ultimate in versatility with the SOLO Velocity 17.3″ backpack to duffel

Affiliate linksSolo Velocity backpackWe’re on the go a lot around here. Whether it’s sightseeing around town, on vacation, or simply just during our day to day routines, we find ourselves packing a bag for our days out on the regular. Often filled with snacks, necessities, extra clothing, and all the gear needed for baby, but sometimes filled with technology for work, our needs change all the time and we need a bag that can adapt with us. Solo Velocity padded backpackWe found the SOLO Velocity 17.3″ Backpack and I knew we had found the perfect hybrid bag that can go from work to travel and back again. It has a padded back and backpack straps that make it comfortable to carry all day while out and about. Since the compact backpack converts to a duffel and has a fully padded 15.6” compartment that can hold a laptop, tablet, or any small peripherals, it makes it the perfect bag for just about anything you can throw at it.

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Take relaxing outside to a whole new level with the Tentsile T-Mini double hammock

Tentsile family hammock
I will never forget when I saw camping hammocks for the very first time and realized that it might be possible to go camping without all the things I hate about camping. No cold and bumpy ground, no worrying about strange bugs and pests crawling in, and no tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable.

Tentsile makes lust-worthy hammock tents that combine the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the multi-person-occupancy of a tent, but they also make non-tent hammocks as well. Their idea is to create living space while suspended between the trees using three anchor points, and their hammock is just another way to enjoy the elevation while relaxing in comfort. Tentsile familyWe got to check out the Tentsile T-Mini Double Hammock this month, and it was perfect for hanging out outside even though the ground was damp from all the rain we get this time of year. Tentsile relaxing

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One of a kind Jeep Ride Experience at the Seattle International Auto Show

This post is sponsored by FCA US; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I don’t remember exactly when my 6 year old son became obsessed with cars, and specifically Jeep, but it was somewhere in toddlerhood. Since that time he has reminded me every few weeks that he wants a Jeep when he gets older and then rattles off his preferred specs. I’ve been dying to get him in a newer Jeep for years now, and the perfect opportunity finally presented itself this week thanks to the Seattle International Auto Show. Wp_ss_20161113_0004_(2)[2]

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Fall fashion with prAna {plus 15% off discount code}

Sponsored postIn my quest for cozy fall clothing that is just as fashionable as it is comfortable, I once again turned to one of my favorite brands, prAna. My goal when selecting fall pieces is that they are versatile enough to go from work to play and that they can go seamlessly into winter. In terms of diverse clothing lines, it really doesn't get any better than prAna.

If you aren’t already familiar with the brand, prAna clothing is different than the standard outdoorsy clothing in that most of their line would be as at home in the mountains as it would be while traveling, exploring a town near you, or simply hanging out on a cozy evening at home. As a Northwest native, I see more than my fair share of outdoorsy clothing each year, but rarely do I find a company like prAna that pulls together mountain retreat attire, travel comfort and sportswear without ever coming across as too casual for everyday wear. Prana clothing displayedInstead of the standard washed out cotton clothing typically marketed to women in outdoor shops, their clothing is truly stylish as well as still being functional and comfortable. In fact, the prAna website and catalogue looks nothing like an outdoorsy catalogue at all, but rather just looks like a popular women’s clothing catalogue that just happens to showcase a wide range of products from a huge variety of styles, one of them being outdoor-friendly designs.

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Back to School with AT&T deals

Sponsored postIt’s back to school time, and your shopping lists probably look a little like mine do. First, the office supply store, then some clothing basics mix and match separates at the local mall, after that there is backpack shopping at the kids’ store with all three kids, then heading out for a special trip to the organizing store for some lunchbox accessories, and… I’m already glazing over just thinking about all my back to school errands. So, for my own sanity, I needed to add a fun stop for back to school.

For the fun stuff that will actually get them excited about back to school, look no further than AT&T. AT&T store 2By now you know that the AT&T store carries everything you need to make the most of your mobile devices, and back to school time means everyone is going to be a whole lot more mobile with school schedules, sports, and extracurricular activities. Whether you are looking for a new smartphone so you can keep in touch, speakers for a dorm room, a tablet so they can do homework when they can’t be at a computer, or an activity tracker to keep up with all those extra steps they will be racking up on campus, AT&T has you covered.   Microsoft tablet and phoneReady to start the fun back to school shopping? Here are just a few great deals for back to school:

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Britax Frontier ClickTight Harness to Booster Seat review

Sponsored post Britaax ClickTight smile
It’s a big time in our house! Baby girl has finally reached a really big milestone: she outgrew her infant seat and it’s now time to switch her to a rear facing convertible seat.

But, the problem is that we have three young children in car seats and we own a compact sedan. Knowing what a tight fit the infant car seat had been, I was dreading moving her to an even bigger seat because it was clear it just wasn’t going to work. We looked into numerous convertible seats to transition her to, but they were all just too big.

It began to look like we had two options: 1) buy a new car, or 2) switch my almost 6 year old to a booster seat. Obviously, neither option appealed to me. So, I began to research anything and everything to fit three across in our compact sedan.

When I found the Britax Frontier ClickTight, I realized that it just might be the best of all worlds – a 5 point harness that converts to a booster seat and is slim enough to fit in a compact car easily. With the dimensions of 19" W x 36" H x 21" D at its maximum and only 28” H at minimum, it’s one of the slimmer car seats we found anywhere, and by far the slimmest with the features we were looking for. Add in the fact that it converts and can be used by my son until he no longer needs a seat and it’s the clear choice.

As soon it arrived, the kids went crazy celebrating their “big switch”.Britax Frontier ClickTightSorry, baby girl. This is your brother’s seat. Your new-to-you Britax convertible seat will hopefully be just as exciting.


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