Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on DVD/Blu-ray

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker on DVD and Blu-ray

It’s the end of a legacy, and it’s okay to feel a little sad. These are all the reasons why you should pick up Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on DVD and Blu-ray to celebrate the end of an era.

Will 4DX movies cause motion sickness?

Frozen in 4DX

Wondering if your motion sickness can handle a 4DX movie? Three adults prone to motion sickness go to a showing of Frozen II. See what happens when the seats begin to move.

Venture into the unknown with Frozen 2

Frozen layflat 2

A big thank you for having us venture into the unknown with Frozen 2 at the Seattle Media pre-screening. Here’s our take on the movie.  The arrival of Frozen II in theaters is a *very* big deal at our house. The original Frozen movie just happens to be the first film that our oldest ever … Read more

Disney meets 4DX this fall

No compensation was received for this post – I just wanted to share all the ways that Disney meets 4DX this fall I know I’ve raved about 4DX movies a few times on here, and it’s for a very good reason. It’s part movie-watching activity and part amusement park ride, and that makes it an … Read more

You’ll believe in Yesterday {movie review}

Yesterday Movie on Guitar

What if you woke up and found out that no one had ever heard of The Beatles? That’s the premise of the movie Yesterday, and the resulting journey will have you laughing and crying {and then laughing some more} from start to finish. See why I think you should own it, and enter to win your own copy right here.

Are 4DX movies worth it?

4DX sign

Since we’ve been talking about 4DX movies a lot, I’ve gotten tons of questions about whether or not the 4DX experience is worth it. I get it. The cost of 4DX is higher than a traditional movie, which can already be pricey. We break down it down for you and tell you what you can expect.

Immerse yourself in the movie with 4DX screenings

4DX theater in Seattle

After having watched a movie now in 4DX, the world of theaters is forever changed for me. Even after having read the press releases about 4DX movies, I still didn’t fully grasp what it truly was until I got to experience one for myself this weekend with the release of “Toy Story 4”. We sat … Read more

Explore, engage, and experience the new Xfinity store at Bellevue Square, WA

RR XFinity kids on phones

The new Xfinity store is now open at Bellevue Square! This new store offers a truly unique experience, inviting customers to explore their products, interact with the brand, and learn about what’s new with all the latest Xfinity products and services. We got to preview it last week and we loved how it changes the ways you can connect with the Xfinity brand into a more immersive experience that is anything but yet another errand to run.