The weirdest musical instrument ever: The Otamatone

Meet the Otamatone, the weirdest and coolest instrument, ever. We got to try out the Otamatone Deluxe and not only is it adorable, but it’s also really fun to play. You can play it straight out of the box for laughs, or you can tune it and actually make {good} music with it.

Best in tech 2024

So many great tech releases are scheduled to come out this year, and we cannot wait. Check out the best in tech 2024 and see what’s top of our list this year.

Get organized with a deck box from Patiowell

Get your yard organized with Patiowell and get a head start on your warmer weather fun. Whether you choose a shed or a deck box from Patiowell, it can help you keep your gear clean and dry until you’re ready to dust it off this spring.

The ultimate Health & Wellness gift guide

If you are shopping for the best health & wellness gifts this holiday season, we have you covered. With products to promote mindfulness, foods to enjoy, and preventative wellness items, there’s something for everyone.

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