Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

Looking for the perfect family bonding activity? Check out the Carrera Go Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars that you can build and build again. Master the curves and straightaways, do loop-de-loops, and more.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on DVD/Blu-ray

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker on DVD and Blu-ray

It’s the end of a legacy, and it’s okay to feel a little sad. These are all the reasons why you should pick up Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on DVD and Blu-ray to celebrate the end of an era.

Will 4DX movies cause motion sickness?

Frozen in 4DX

Wondering if your motion sickness can handle a 4DX movie? Three adults prone to motion sickness go to a showing of Frozen II. See what happens when the seats begin to move.

Venture into the unknown with Frozen 2

Frozen layflat 2

A big thank you for having us venture into the unknown with Frozen 2 at the Seattle Media pre-screening. Here’s our take on the movie.  The arrival of Frozen II in theaters is a *very* big deal at our house. The original Frozen movie just happens to be the first film that our oldest ever … Read more

A magical evening with Disney

Disney on Ice Minnie Meet and Greet

Earlier this week, we were guests of Disney’s for an exclusive meet and greet party leading up to the opening night of Mickey’s Search Party. The beauty of Disney is that it has a way of making anyone feel like a child, and when you add that magic to amazing acrobatic feats and beautiful ice dancing, you can bet the whole family will be left speechless.

Disney On Ice in Seattle

Baby with Mickey Ears

Disney On Ice: Mickey’s Search Party is coming to town, and it’s just as magical as you can imagine! Join the Search Party and be swept away into your favorite Disney movies as the characters perform amazing feats on the ice, sing along with all the beloved music from the films, and get caught up in the action until the lights go back on.

Disney meets 4DX this fall

No compensation was received for this post – I just wanted to share all the ways that Disney meets 4DX this fall I know I’ve raved about 4DX movies a few times on here, and it’s for a very good reason. It’s part movie-watching activity and part amusement park ride, and that makes it an … Read more

Have an INCREDIBLE weekend

Incredibles 2 movie

Is your weekend shaping up to be INCREDIBLE? It is if you’re planning on a showing of INCREDIBLES 2! Coming fourteen years after the original, but picking up right where they left off, INCREDIBLES 2 is in theaters now, and I’m so incredibly excited. See what I did there? About INCREDIBLES 2 Literally picking up … Read more