Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

What kiddo hasn’t dreamt of being a race car driver – speeding around the track and flying around the corners? While they don’t really welcome young kids in driver’s seats at the race track, there is a way that your kiddo can get some of the feel and excitement of racing thanks to Carrera Go Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars.

We got to check out the newest Carrera Go Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars, and add it to our collection of track that we’ve collected throughout the years. With two full Carrera Go sets combined together plus an additional track pack we got a few months back, our Carrera building possibilities are now pretty epic.

About Carrera

Carrera has been king of the slot cars for the last 55-years, and for a very good reason. There’s something incredibly exciting about learning the nuances of driving in a 1:43 scale. Learn when to push full speed ahead, when to pull back on the throttle, and master your race track by cruising around and memorizing each twist and turn.

Then, when you’ve mastered your course, take it all apart and rebuild in an entirely new layout. Each time you rebuild is another opportunity to plan the course, fit each piece of track together, and then learn each corner and curve until you can control it without looking. Because of this build and then build again design that has to be learned and then mastered, your Carrera course will keep your kids attention longer than a traditional mini car track.

When the pandemic hit in March, Carrera blew through its U.S. inventory in a month as families realized they could spend quality time building their track setup, learning how to use hand controllers to operate the miniature cars, mastering the art of taking the curves at top speed without losing the cars’ grip on the track’s guide-slots, and competing against each other for braggers’ rights. In short, the perfect pandemic activity to keep kids building, learning, and playing.

Carrera Go!!!

Carrera Go!!! is best for drivers aged 6 and up, with analog slotcars on a scale of 1:43. The Go!!! track can accommodate up to two racers at once, so it’s the perfect bonding activity for kids or for kids and their parents.

Carrera Go!!! Disney*Pixar Cars themed slot cars

Carrera has many options to choose from when selecting your Carrara Go!! set, including Nintendo, Disney-Pixar Cars, DTM, Transformers, and Formula 1 race sets that any kid would love. I love that the Carrera Go!!! sets all include child-friendly manual controls and a “Turbo Speed” button for more advanced racers.

You may be wondering if Carrera Go!!! would be too advanced for your 6 or 7 year old because of the dexterity required to race, and that’s where the manual control limiter comes in. When you have the limiter in place, the throttle is reduced and your little one won’t get frustrated when their car drives off the track over and over. When they advance past beginning driving, simply remove the red cord and race as fast as you desire.

Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

Because Carrera Go!!! sets have a limiter as well as a turbo button for advanced racers, it really can be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages and stages – separately or together. There are very few screen-free toys that can make this claim, and that’s what makes Carrera king.

Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

But, will my child’s car fall off the track?

Most definitely. That’s honestly part of the fun.

If every car stayed in the race and all you had to do was push down on the throttle, slot cars would get boring, fast. It actually takes some skill to finish the race while staying on the track, and the more complicated the track, the harder it is to stay on. This required skill is what sets Carrera Go!!! slot racing apart from simple toy tracks, and what will cause even the biggest boys {aka the dads} to spend hours playing. 

Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars
Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot carsCarrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

All this being said, if you feel like falling off the track repeatedly would cause your child to throw in the towel early, be sure to check out Carrera First that is for the littlest racers. We never did the First stage because my son has always loved a challenge, especially when he has his daddy beside him, but I love that it’s an option for younger racers.

Good old fashioned fun with Carrera Go Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

Carrera all your favorite Cars characters from the popular film series from the screen to the track. My son has been a Cars fan since he could smile, and he was thrilled to see the newest Carrera Go Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars on their own racetrack. And, I don’t blame him. The Cars 3 vehicles and sets have detailed workmanship and all sorts of accessories and additions that make you feel like you’re right there racing with Lightning McQueen.

Carrera Go Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars
Carrera Go!!! Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars

Looking to expand your Carrera Go Disney-Pixar Cars themed slot cars collection? In addition to Lightning McQueen, you can purchase Cruz, Jackson Storm, Mater and many other cars from the movie in sets and individually. The detailed racers impress with both detailed designs and spectacular driving performance.

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