TOBI Robot Smartwatch for kids

Tobi Robot Smartwatch

We’ve loved Little Tikes ever since my kiddos were little, and I had mistakenly thought we had recently aged out of their line. But, then I was thrilled when I heard they had a new smartwatch on the market for kids that is designed for older kids like mine. The Tobi Robot Smartwatch is the perfect way to encourage creativity, fitness, and educational games for your kids, all without a bulky tablet to misplace or drop.

The Tobi is what I had hoped other kids’ watches would be. It’s like a little friend on your wrist that you can interact with, as well as having so many functions you only find on tablets and other larger screens. It may be smaller in size, but it compares to many of the learning tablets we’ve tried in the past in just a teeny tiny package. The bonus is that being on your wrist makes it accessible, able to take with you nearly anywhere, and less likely to get lost since it *should* be worn or clipped on.

That makes it ideal for road trips, sitting in hours long lines to pick up school supplies, waiting for store deliveries, etc. Basically, anywhere a tablet would be too much screen, but you still need something the kids can learn on to keep them occupied and happy for long stretches.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch

What is the Tobi Robot Smartwatch?

The heart of the Tobi is the little robot companion feature. This AI robot isn’t just the watch face, it also has two short arms and legs that move around the watch face for added whimsy and fun. This little Tobi robot is programmed with 100+ playful actions and interactions that my kids love. You can also feed Tobi and create a special room for him, all of which makes the Tobi watch feel like a cross between an electronic pet and a kids’ learning tablet.

Another favorite feature of the smartwatch is two built-in cameras, so kids can take selfies as well as capture their view of the world. My oldest loves that you can add stickers to the photos and that you can take lots of videos as the mood strikes. The 512 MB of memory stores up to 3000 images and 30 minutes of videos, which is a whole lot of documenting by the little ones.

You can also add personalization to your Tobi by choosing between 50 watch faces, either in analog or digital. Your kiddo will love showing off their personality or mood and changing the face whenever it strikes them to do so. Other functions include a calendar, stopwatch, timer, notes and reminders, and an alarm clock. All of these feel like big kid apps, so my middle child has been having fun setting these up to help him remember zoom meetings and other important events and details.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch

Tobi, my adorable robot

As you imagine, the Tobi is adorable. The Tobi face comes in a standard white and then you add the included translucent wraps to personalize it. You can choose from the wristwatch style or the clip-on cover {both of which come in the package} depending on your preference or where you are using it.

The body of the Tobi claims to be durable, splash proof, and dust proof, but I’m just taking their word for it since we {thankfully} haven’t tested this feature. I will say that ours survived a park playdate, a trip that included both sand and water, and a bunch of small car trips in the few weeks we’ve had a Tobi.

Games galore

It comes with all the games and apps already installed and ready to go – with no more to buy other than the watch itself. No additional charges, no game discs or cartridges to purchase and collect. And, the best part? Nothing that they can lose that will render the watch useless. Wooohooo!

The more, the merrier

Did I mention that you can connect Tobi smartwatches so your kids can interact with each other? This might be my absolute favorite feature because it gives my young kiddo a way to “text” and feel like a big kid, in a safe and easy way that doesn’t involve a monthly payment. My kiddos love sending and receiving messages photos with each other, and I love that I’m not letting them loose with a cell phone.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch with kids

Who would enjoy a Tobi Robot Smartwatch?

The Tobi is designed for ages 4-8, but I found it to be popular with older kids as well. I have a 5, 9 and 12-year-old and they all love playing with the Tobi watch, as do their friends on park playdates. I credit this to the diverse games and features of the Tobi that make it fun based on their varied interests. From learning to tell time to active games and even video making, there’s a little something for every youngster.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch videos

While I adore how cute it is, I personally love that the games allow you to get rewards, unlock levels, and celebrates your active accomplishments. It makes my little one so happy to hop on her watch to see she’s been rewarded, and it makes her so excited to show her siblings what she earned.


Screen: Tobi is touchscreen so even young fans can use the robot watch easily

Rugged: The Tobi is durable & splashproof, made to withstand kiddos

Memory: 512 MB of Memory – Up to 3,000 Photos / 30 Mins of Video

Cameras: 640 x 480 Pixel Dual Cameras

Video: 320 x 240 Pixel Video

Battery: built-in rechargeable battery with up to 5 days of battery life

Additional features include:

  1. Augmented Reality & Learning Games: Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch has many games including: an up and active augmented reality Search & Seek game, learning games, dance activity game, and more! As kids play, they unlock interactive rewards as a bonus!
  2. Two Cameras: Two built-in cameras can film video, take selfies and capture photos. And, kids can add silly photo stickers too! Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch can store up to 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video.
  3. Tons of Customization: Kids can choose from over 50 watch faces and learn to tell time on both analog and digital clock faces. Add stickers to every photo and customize Tobi’s virtual room with unlockable decorations as well.
  4. Easy to Use: Features a kid-friendly touchscreen, and built-in rechargeable battery with micro-USB cable (included) for easy charging as well as for uploading photos and videos. 
  5. Encourages Active Play: Includes a motion sensor for the built-in pedometer and dance activity games to get kids moving.
  6. Wireless Connectivity & Messaging: With controlled pairing of devices via wireless connectivity, send and receive voice or emoji messages and photos between known and nearby Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch devices. 
Tobi Robot Smartwatch playing

Looking for the perfect companion for your journeys or for your days at home? If so, you’ll love the Tobi Robot Smartwatch from Little Tikes that is part learning machine, part fitness tracker, and part electronic pet.

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    • Recommended age wasn’t listed on the website, but I reached out to the company and they said ages 4-8. My 9 (almost 10 yo) yo loves it a lot, so I would have said 4-10.

  1. My 15yr old niece thinks it’s great an enjoys the camera’s and ease of taking pictures. She said she wished tobi was around when she was learning to tell time.


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