10+ tips for car trips with kids

10 tips for car trips with kidsDo you have some long car trips coming up for the summer? Like most people, I will be spending quite a bit of time in my car over the next few weeks as we visit relatives, see the sights, and vacation with friends in the area, and I’m already planning ahead for the road trips with three young kiddos.

To me, road trips are a great way to bond and see the sights both near and far in ways you just can't on an airplane, and I love taking a good road trip {or three} each summer. But, because of limited space and cramped conditions, they can also be a delicate balance of having what you need with fun things to do, without packing your vehicle from top to bottom. The picture below shows a precarious suitcase tower that includes what 5 people need for a snowshoe, ski, sun, and swim trip and even with the bigger car, and all of this stuff really pushed the limits of what is manageable for a road trip.

 Outlander 2017 luggage

Here are a few tips for awesome car trips with kids:

  1. Give everyone their own space. Even if you have a small car like we do, make sure each kid has a space of their own to store their drinks, snacks, and entertainment. If you really are cramped for space, try a backseat organizer so the kids have a place for everything without creating a huge mess all over your floor.
  2. Let them express themselves. My kids are at the stage where they are ready to express their own personalities. I love encouraging my little reader with a reading light, providing a car-friendly craft kit for my artist, and creating a Hot Wheels carry-all for my little car enthusiast. If your kids are old enough, have them pack a car bag for themselves and then you can surprise them with a treat or two along the way.
  3. Bring the beats, enjoy the silence. Headphones are the perfect solution for when kids want to rock out, but parents are sick of hearing the same 5 Taylor Swift songs on repeat. Give them some headphones and you get to enjoy the silence. At least until they are hungry again.Monster Headphones on kid
  4. Have some car games in your back pocket. Our family has an ongoing game we play every time we’re in the car, but long trips make for an opportunity to play the license plate game or sign bingo. Plan ahead and purchase pre-made car games at a toy store, or you can download some really awesome ones online and print them out. 
  5. Creativity can strike anywhere. Always be prepared with sketch pads, colored pencils, and more so they can capture all they see and all that they dream up.
  6. Nourished = Happy. All parents know that the quickest way to make a kid whiny is to let them go hungry, so plan ahead and grab some easy to pack snack items so you won’t have to stop three times before you even reach Grandma’s house. Smart snacks are fresh fruit, veggies, or pre-portioned packets that travel well, even in a purse or backpack.  Road Trip foods
  7. Put an end to “Are We There Yet?” with a map program on their tablets that they can use to track our progress. As an added bonus, it also is a great learning tool because they can see the names of rivers, lakes, bridges and mountains nearby along the route. If your little one is too young for electronics, give them a printed out map to follow along on the journey.
  8. Plan on having down time. If you schedule your car trips around naps and bedtimes you can give the kids a way to recharge in the car so they arrive rested and ready to play. If you are driving through naptime or overnight, comfort is paramount. For long drives, let the kids get cozy in pajamas and with special blankets and you might be surprised at how quickly they drift off to sleep.Monster headphones in box
  9. Download some books on tape. We prefer to limit screen time, but long car rides call for some treats, and books on tape {or rather, via app} are a great way to relax and listen to a favorite book, especially for those prone to carsickness. Plug in your headphones and get lost in a book.
  10. Plot your rest stops. Take a look at your route and find places to refuel where the kids can stretch their legs while they run around and play. Bonus points if you can choose spots where you can sightsee and explore a new place.
  11. BONUS for Monster headphone owners: Share music with friends with MusicShare. With Monster N-TUNE headphones, the kids can bond with MusicShare capabilities that allow you to connect headphones together to listen at the same time. Listening to music together is one of my kids’ favorite activities, so I love that they can now experience this even with their Monster Color It Loud N-TUNE headphones when we can’t crank up the speakers. Monster headphones out of box

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Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Monster Products for offering a pair of headphones for us as well as one for our fabulous readers. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. My son has a huge personality! He is so funny and loves to be dramatic. He always makes funny faces and is so nice to people.

  2. My daughter is in a phase where she only wears “interesting” clothes she will not wear two solid color clothes items at a time either her pants or shirt has to have a loud print.

  3. My son colors himself loud by telling jokes! He really enjoys making people laugh. lol Thank-you for a great #giveaway 🙂

  4. my kids cover themselves loud by dancing and singing loudly. they love to have a good time with music. it runs in the family.

  5. My daughter loves to color herself loud with singing at the top of her lungs while doing pretty much everything lol.

  6. My daughter has her own way of dressing. I think she dresses a little too nicely for school but she loves it. Thank you!

  7. My youngest two colors himself loud by playing outside with his friends. My three oldest (two grown, one a teen) color themselves loud with music.

  8. My girls color themselves loud with their unique styles, ways of doing things, and for my youngest, with her LOUD voice. The love to sing, dance, and have fun, no matter where they are or who they are with.


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