About R&R

Rave & Review® is an award-winning Seattle-based site featuring new and established products, the best destinations, and tips and tricks for parents. Known for our in-depth articles with quality writing and beautiful photographs, we engage our readers and give them a real feel for the products we test and the places we visit. We have 7 different writers and contributors who all lend a unique perspective to our site and allow us to feature a wider range of products and services for our audience.

Meet Leanne, owner and founder

Leanne is a mom of three {girl – 2008, boy – 2010, and girl – 2015} and wife to an amazing man, Leanne is a lover of jewelry of all kinds and all things handmade. She earned a fine arts photography degree while still in high school and loves to try new cameras, lenses, technology, and props, and to schedule fun photo shoots. You will find her at farmers markets, craft fairs, and taking pictures wherever their adventures take them. A trendsetter well before it was easy to order online, which means she was forced to be crafty and DIY-proficient from a young age. She uses that creativity to come up with interesting and engaging posts that will resonate with our audience and provide a valuable resource to readers.Leanne and Tyler

Meet Tyler, editor and reviewer

Tyler is a dad of three adoring children and husband of Leanne, he’s the official “doer” at Rave & Review®. He handles most of the technical, home repair/DIY, and is the keeper of the power tools. As a film school graduate, he’s your man if you want a product video or tutorial and his videos have our largest numbers of views and engagement.

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