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Rave & Review® is an award-winning Seattle-based site featuring new and established products, the best destinations, and tips and tricks for parents. Known for our in-depth articles with quality writing and beautiful photographs, we engage our readers and give them a real feel for the products we test and the places we visit. We have 7 different writers and contributors who all lend a unique perspective to our site and allow us to feature a wider range of products and services for our readers.

Meet Leanne, owner and founder

Leanne is a mom of three {girl – 2008, boy – 2010, and girl – 2015} and wife to an amazing man, Leanne is a lover of jewelry of all kinds and all things handmade. She earned a fine arts photography degree while still in high school and loves to try new cameras, lenses, technology, and props, and to schedule fun photo shoots. You will find her at farmers markets, craft fairs, traveling, and taking pictures wherever their adventures take them. A trendsetter well before it was easy to order online, which means she was forced to be crafty and DIY-proficient from a young age. She uses that creativity to come up with interesting and engaging posts that will resonate with our audience and provide a valuable resource to readers.

Meet Tyler, editor and reviewer

Tyler is a dad of three adoring children and husband of Leanne, he’s the official “doer” at Rave & Review®. He handles most of the technical, home repair/DIY, and is the keeper of the power tools. As a film school graduate, he’s your man if you want a product video or tutorial and his videos have our largest numbers of views and engagement.

In addition, we have the following contributors:

•    A bilingual, twenty-something city girl who is newly engaged
•    A mom of two boys who loves teaching and featuring educational products as well as items for active kids.
•    A mom of two young kids who is renovating and decorating a gorgeous farmhouse in the Seattle suburbs.
•    A newly married millennial who loves traveling, music, and anything outdoorsy.
•    A teen contributor who loves baking, makeup tutorials, sports, and all kinds of art

Want your product, service, or location featured on Rave & Review®? We would love to work with you on a review or lifestyle post to share with our audience. All sponsored blog posts and reviews include original photographs and graphics as well as our unique story about why readers should click through to learn more.

Instead of a basic cut-and-pasted review, we focus on in-depth and personal reviews that allow readers to really get a feel for whatever we are raving about. This approach has resulted in our work being featured on dozens of sites throughout the years, including brands and PR firms we have worked with as well as larger scale releases that featured our own writing and photography. Our number one hope is that our readers will love and engage with each brand or service we feature, and because of that brands return to us over and over again.


Are you looking for a brand ambassador that you can partner with long-term? Throughout the years we’ve worked for dozens of brands as an ambassador and we’d love to discuss ideas on how we can best feature your brand on Rave & Review®. We find these ambassadorships to be the best way to really showcase a product or service and our readers like to see us staying loyal to brands we really love.

Social Media centered

If you’re looking for social media partners, we also offer short form social coverage via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Our social media reach is 26,000+ fans and growing, and we can help you decide which channel works best for your specific campaign.

We love to travel as a family for premieres, product launches, conventions, conferences, festivals, and trade shows, as well as to showcase premium and family travel accommodations all over the world. From cruise ships and planes to cross country train trips and camping, we love it all.

We do regular features showing our recent travels and we share our adventures on social media so our readers can follow along. In addition to articles about destinations and accommodations we love, we also offer comprehensive travel guides that have been wildly popular with our audience.

Our Readers

Rave & Review® receives 40,000+ unique monthly visitors and 55,000+ page views on average.

The majority of our readers are US based with Washington, California and New York as the largest source of traffic. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK are the next largest markets.

The diversity of our writers and contributors allows us to appeal to a wider audience and various age groups, but Rave & Review® is especially popular with millennial parents between the ages of 30-40.

Blogger Coordinator

Need a great group of bloggers or social media superstars hand-picked for you? I’m happy to discuss consulting services and ways I can help get you the specific influencer you are seeking and ways I can help coordinate your outreach program.

Local Seattle coverage

We are extremely connected to the blogging and social media scene in Seattle, Portland and beyond. In 2011 we started our own Facebook group for the purposes of coordinating local meetups, press events, and other brand coverage. With 300+ influencers in our PNW Bloggers group, we can get information out quickly and easily to our group and help you create a press list or throw an awesome blogger party.

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Do you represent a brand and are interested in partnering with Rave & Review®? We would love to hear more! You can email me at [email protected] or reach out on social media channels.