Go micro with the Philips PicoPix Micro PPX320 Wireless DLP Projector

A big thank you to Philips for sending their newest micro projector for review and making our stay at home orders a whole lot more fun. Thanks to the PicoPix Micro Projector from Philips, we’ve been able to make every day a little more fun and exciting, even if we’re just sitting at home watching movies. Some links may contain affiliate tracking. 

Philips PicoPix Micro projectorBack in the day, movie day in school was cause for celebration. I can vividly recall walking into the classroom to see the back half taken up by the projector cart and reels and getting so excited for what was to come. Those days, it took two people to wheel that mammoth projector back into our classroom safely, and I remember that we used to beg to be the kids that went to grab it because it always took longer than you’d think to wheel it down the hall.

If 9-year-old me could only see us now, with the Philips PicoPix Micro projector literally in our pockets. I guess it makes sense with a name like Philips PicoPix Micro, but I was shocked when the box first arrived at how small the packaging was. When I’m thinking projector, I’m still thinking large, apparently.Philips PicoPix Micro projector

Upon opening it, I was surprised all over again. I couldn’t believe the actual projector only took up a small portion of that small box. The rest of the box is all the included accessories {and there’s a lot}, but the actual projector can fit in your pocket. Even better? Once unpacked, the entire projector and all the various accessories fit with room to spare in a tiny little grab-and-go bag that’s perfect for any adventure.Philips PicoPix Micro projector

Ready for adventure with the Philips PicoPix Micro projector

For years, I have resisted buying a projector for our family, mostly because I didn’t want an entire room taken up just for projecting. I’ve seen other friends’ theater rooms with big mounted projectors and external speakers, with big old cords running across their walls and ceilings and their clunky pull-down screens. While I’ve always appreciated their enthusiasm, I knew the whole set up wasn’t for me.

Plus, the joy of projecting was that you can project anywhere, right? If the projector is huge and weighs a ton, how often am I going to honestly pull that sucker down for an outdoor movie night? I know me, and the answer is never. But, with the Philips PicoPix Micro, you can literally put it anywhere, take it anywhere, and use it whenever.

Oh, and did I mention it’s wireless*? That means I can have it all charged up for movie night and won’t have to string extension cords around everywhere. When movie night is over, just plug it in to charge again and you’re good to go. Then, the only wires you need are the ones to connect whatever media source you want to play over the projector, or you can truly go wireless and stream via WiFi. Easy, peasy.PicoPix Micro projector

What’s in the box – Philips PicoPix Micro PPX320 projector

In the box you will find the Philips PicoPix Micro unit, the quick start guide, and a charging cable with transformer. Then, you dig further in the box and you’ll find three plug adaptors for charging in different countries, which I love because that gives us a way to project no matter where we end up. Also included is a remote {with batteries}, a small tripod, and a storage bag to keep it all in.PicoPix Micro accessories

Even with all the various accessories and gear, it still is smaller than my camera and can easily travel with you wherever you go. We keep it packed and ready for adventure so whenever the mood strikes we can enjoy a movie wherever we are.Philips PicoPix Micro adaptors

Big on features

Don’t be fooled by its size, the PicoPix Micro is mighty. We’ve all seen the social media ads selling cheapy projectors that can fit on your nightstand, and it should be said that the PicoPix Micro is decidedly different. This isn’t an inexpensive projector that can only project from a foot or two away. The PicoPix Micro by contrast is a full-featured projector that just so happens to be ultra-portable.Philips PicoPix Micro with tripod folded

It can stream wirelessly, produces clear and crisp images with beautiful color detail, has an internal speaker, and can connect to a wide variety of sources so you can stream all sorts of content. Sure, it’s easy enough for beginners and doesn’t require a text book to operate, but it also has loads of features that make this anything but a novelty toy for kids and amateurs.

It does all of this, all while projecting an image as big as 80”, which can give you a movie-theater experience on the go. Since movie theaters are all shut down here, we’ve been relying on outdoor movies to get us through. And, while it’s been fun to see movies outdoor as a novelty, the movies being shown are definitely skewed for the younger crowd and it certainly hasn’t made up for the theater experience for us adults. With the PicoPix Micro, we can watch a kiddie film with the family and then send them to bed and watch the latest releases we are missing in theater.Philips PicoPix Micro with kiddo

Since our air quality here in the Pacific Northwest was terrible for the last week+ {seriously, 2020, enough already!} we couldn’t even do outdoor movies. Not to be deterred, we just projected the PicoPix Micro at the ceiling and watched movies as a family that way. It didn’t make for the gorgeous outdoor movie night pictures I was hoping for, but it definitely made the best of a pretty awful situation. The kids won’t remember being stuck at home unable to even go outside, but what they will remember was watching their favorite movies while “camping out” in the living room together. Philips PicoPix Micro on stool

Philips PicoPix Micro projector specs

Wireless capability – Lets you project wirelessly via smartphone or over a network via PC or Mac in certain formats. Some DRM protected content like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime cannot be played via WiFi, but you can still connect via other methods.

DLP image technology – Offers crisp visuals.

60 lumens of brightness – Offer a highly visible display with clear on-screen images.

500:1 contrast ratio – Provides a multitude of shades between black and white for rich color saturation.

960 x 540 resolution – Provides rich, lifelike hues and precise detail.

Mini HDMI input – Easily connect to notebooks, game consoles or any other HDMI output devices.Philips PicoPix Micro connections

9.8″ – 80″ viewable screen size – Allows everyone in the room to enjoy a clear view.

2.6′ – 6.6′ projector distance – Allows flexible placement.

1.2:1 throw ratio range – Reproduces wide images in their correct proportions.

LED lamp – Delivers up to 20,000 hours of lamp life in normal mode for extended use.

Built-in 2W speaker – Provides crisp sound.Philips PicoPix Micro tripod connector

Wi-Fi screen mirroring – Allows to watch your movies, pictures, presentations, documents or streaming content directly from your smartphones, laptops, tablets, wirelessly.

Built-in battery – Offers up to 115 minutes of battery life.

Multimedia player – Play videos, pictures and audio files from the MicroSD or USB port.Philips PicoPix Micro projector

Who should try the PicoPix Micro projector?

Honestly, the PicoPix Micro is perfect for just about anybody. Whether you are always on the go and need your entertainment to keep up with your busy life, or your biggest need is keeping the family entertained at home, the PicoPix fills the need. It’s so easy to take with you just throughout your house, or all over the world, and it is packed full of features that can take it from hobby to pro.

When the US can open back up and we can have parties, meetings, and get togethers, I can’t wait to use the PicoPix to display slideshows and project movies and entertainment large enough for a big crowd. From weddings to grad parties, business meetings and presentations, I can think of dozens of reasons to use the PicoPix for both fun and function.Philips PicoPix Micro handheld projector

But, for now, I’m enjoying making stay at home orders a whole lot more enjoyable with our new entertainment system that can go in every room of the house. Being able to take it room to room has been such a huge bonus, and I’m so glad we waited until the PicoPix Micro arrived on the market to commit to a projector. It couldn’t be a better fit for us and the way we travel and adventure, and for now it’s making everyday feel a little bit more like the adventures we crave.

To buy the Philips PicoPix Micro projector

Ready to experience the fun and practicality of projecting your favorite entertainment? Check out Philips’ small-but-mighty projectors and see more about the PicoPix Micro here. You can purchase the PicoPix Micro on BestBuy.com and Amazon.com or head into your nearest Best Buy store. 


4 thoughts on “Go micro with the Philips PicoPix Micro PPX320 Wireless DLP Projector”

  1. I need some help with this projector. Can not seem to get the sound to work from the device also cannot Connect it with WiFi the guide provided was pretty vague and doesn’t mention WiFi once…

    • Mason, we found certain videos wouldn’t play sound when we were streaming to the projector (via Netflix or YouTube), but we didn’t have that problem if we connected a Firestick or other device. If that’s not possible to connect, try a different version of the video you’re trying to watch. We couldn’t figure out what made the difference and made one play sound and others were silent, so we would just pull it up on every streaming media we could and sometimes got lucky.


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