Smart security with the MAXIMUS Camera Floodlight

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Maximus Smart Camera Floodlight

I’ve talked quite a few times about how much we love our MAXIMUS lights we reviewed back in 2019, and that love just keeps on growing. I cannot even count the number of times we’ve had would-be thieves start to go up our driveway or onto our porch and run off when they hear the chime of our Smart Security Light. For that reason alone, I’m a big fan of the brand and their products.

It should be noted that we have tried so many cameras in the past decade of reviewing smart home and tech devices {so. many. cameras.}. But, there’s one company we keep returning to over and over again: MAXIMUS Smart Lighting.

Maximus Smart Camera Floodlight

MAXIMUS Smart Camera Floodlight

We’ve been having pests both large and small visit our backyard since the full re-do and they have been wreaking havoc. For the past few months, we’ve woken up to plastic bags torn up and littered all over the yard, toys chewed and left in piles, and plants upturned and left root-less.

We knew it was time to get some sort of security camera installed so we could figure out where they were coming in and how to best deter them. After having the MAXIMUS Smart Security Light and companion light installed for over a year, there was no question we wanted to go with another MAXIMUS light for the backyard.

The easy solution was the MAXIMUS Smart Camera Floodlight that isn’t quite as pretty as the MAXIMUS Smart Lights we reviewed for the front, but I knew that function over design would win for the backyard. We wanted something with a bright light output that could potentially illuminate our back fenced in area and the floodlight was the perfect choice.

High-Definition 1080p HD camera. 

But, I bet you’re wondering how good the images are in the MAXIMUS Camera Floodlight, right? We’ve tried numerous camera systems where figures and shapes are almost unrecognizable, so the quality on the MAXIMUS lights blew our minds with how clear and sharp everything is – even at night.

Maximus Smart Camera Floodlight

The MAXIMUS Camera Floodlight is no exception. With a 1080p HD camera and a 155 degree field of view, along with a 70ft detection range, it can cover a large area beautifully.

Reasons to switch to MAXIMUS smart lighting products

Wire-free set up, kinda.

Since MAXIMUS smart security products are replacing hard-wired lights and doorbells, the wiring is all internal. This not only makes them easy to install, it also means you don’t have cords running around the exterior of your house. This was a huge deal for me in terms of damage to the house as well as safety of our cameras and house.

Damage-free installation.

Again, since MAXIMUS is replacing existing features, we don’t have to drill holes and damage the exterior of our home to install them properly. Simply swap out your regular old fixtures for smart ones and they can do double-duty!

Distinctive chime.

I know some people don’t like the chime on the MAXIMUS cameras and tend to turn them off through the app, but I love the chime. Not only has it deterred crime for us in the past year, it can also deter animals as well, which I love.

Hi-fidelity speaker. 

With its clear audio in each recording, you can hear everything that’s going on so you can detect things you might miss on the camera alone. With that and the loud alarm you can sound in an emergency, it gives me an extra layer of protection I really appreciate.  

Two-way talk feature.

What might seem like a novelty feature to some has become one of our favorite parts of the camera. The two-way talk feature has come in handy so many more times than I can count, and I’m now a big believer. I love that the feature allows you to quickly communicate with neighbors, strangers, and even our littlest kids easily. With our young kids who are still far from cell phone age, but who love to have a little independence, the two-way-talk has been a great way to quickly give them a message or reminder.

Never have to open the door again.

I basically never open the door these days, and I never want to go back to the days I had to open the door for every knock. Now I can use the two-way talk feature and see what uninvited visitors need before I decide whether I will open the door or not.

Free Kuna app for monitoring.

We’ve had dozens of camera systems in the past 13 years, and almost all of them require a monthly fee in order to work in any form. MAXIMUS works through the Kuna app and they offer a free plan as well as tiers to their bells-and-whistles plans, so it can fit any budget.

Their unique AI.

We love the Kuna app to monitor our home from all angles, and when you spring for the paid Kuna premium service, you get their super smart AI included.

Setting up the MAXIMUS Smart Camera Floodlight

Everything you need to install the camera floodlight is in the kit, and the step-by-step instructions walk you through every step. As with the first two MAXIMUS lights, the installation was a breeze and the hardest part was digging out the ladder to reach the light.

The kit includes a lightweight bracket that you hook all of the wires to and then installing the light is as easy as snapping it into place. This makes it so you don’t have to figure out your wiring while holding up a heavy light fixture, which I very much appreciated.

Once you have your light installed, you’re all ready to monitor your home in the smartest possible way. Simply download the Kuna app, and you’re all set to configure your light exactly as you want and make the most of your smart light.

Your light, your way with the Kuna app

Gone are the days of turning your lights on and off manually. With the MAXIMUS Smart Camera Floodlight, you can turn the light on and off remotely, set up a schedule, automatically turn on and off the light in dusk-to-dawn mode, or you can have it activate in response to motion.

No more timers and manuals to re-program your lights each season. Just open the app whenever you want to change your light schedule and do it all within seconds. Or, if you’d like to modify your lighting on the fly, you can click the lights on with one tap in the Kuna app.

You can also dim your light if you want some illumination but you don’t quite need a floodlight. We love this feature as we like to eat outdoors during spring, summer and fall and want a light we can turn on for dinner but don’t want to feel blasted by light after the sun goes down.

Customize your Kuna app experience

You can customize how the MAXIMUS Smart Security Floodlight responds when someone is approaching your home easily and on the fly. Choose between a tone, beep, or you can even play a pre-recorded message or custom greeting to let the person know that they have been detected.

While it’s doing all that, the app also sends a simultaneous alert to your smartphone or app-enabled device notifying you that someone has been detected. At this point, you can engage in a live conversation with whomever it is or you can sound an alarm – all from your smart phone.

Accurate detection is a big huge deal to me, and I love that the MAXIMUS smart motion sensor technology gets rid of alerts from shadows and lights passing by. Their AI helps detect faces and people and give you the best coverage of your home, and I appreciate that I can monitor my home from anywhere.

You can easily adjust the sensitivity of these alerts depending on the situation, or turn them off when you’re having outdoor parties or gatherings. We cut down on alerts depending on the situation and we can even start recording or go to the live view whenever we feel like checking on the exterior of the house.

You can then save those videos from each event and download them to your device or keep them in the Kuna cloud if you have the higher paid packages.

Smart motion sensor technology

The MAXIMUS smart motion sensor technology has gotten rid of so many bogus alerts we used to get with other systems. Before, we were notified every time a car drove past or the light sent shadows across the yard, but MAXIMUS lights have a better sensor technology that cuts down on these alerts with their paid packages.

Whenever we get a false alarm with the premium monitoring packages, you can pretty much assume it’s a bug or animal that set it off, and we’ve watched lots of interesting camera footage where animals and bugs come visit our home.

Where to purchase MAXIMUS Smart Camera Floodlight

You can buy MAXIMUS products right on the website as well as many retailers nationwide.

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