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This is a sponsored post for, but I am extremely excited to share how affordable large canvas art pieces can be from

I’ve always dreamt of having a huge canvas above my bed. Really, the bigger the better. Lifesize, even. But, do you know how much canvases cost these days? After searching for a really long time for something that would be big enough to be a show piece without completely obliterating our budget, I almost gave up. But, then I found, where large canvas art is actually affordable.

As luck would have it, we had done an impromptu photoshoot with my trusty tripod and cable release the weekend before the email came. So, when I saw that they were asking to partner on a post, it seemed like kismet. My huge canvas for the master bedroom was finally going to be a reality. 

Picking our art for our affordable large canvas from CanvasDiscount

I had the perfect picture for the canvas. It was romantic without being too yucky, it was artful but yet you could still recognize us in the photograph. It was something I doubt we’ll get sick of anytime soon. 

But, it did have one problem: the little people in the picture. We have one rule for all art in our bedroom and that is that it can only be pictures of my husband and I. No big family pictures or shots of the kids – that’s what the rest of the house is for. The bedroom is ours alone, and every picture can only be the two of us.

affordable large canvas from

As you can see, we broke that rule with this shot because you can {semi} clearly see our three kiddos running on the beach in the background. But, we made an exception because we loved the image so much and the kids obviously weren’t the subject of the shot.

So, we decided on a size – we went with a 30×40 stretched canvas. And then, I decided to get an upgraded frame.  The traditional canvas depth on is .75″, but we sprung for the XXL frame depth of 1.5″ for extra drama. Then, we sent in our order for our affordable large canvas art to

In just two weeks, a huge box arrived at our door, and we couldn’t wait to open it. We {carefully} cut into the box and took out our massive canvas to admire. It was even bigger and more dramatic in person, and I couldn’t wait to get it on the wall. And, not just because I was terrified someone was going to knock into it and dent the canvas.

affordable large canvas from

Hanging your large canvas art piece

The canvas does not come with hanging hardware, but you can buy them on when placing your canvas order. Luckily, I have quite the stash of eye screws and picture hanging wire and didn’t need to add that to my order. A few minutes of tinkering and twisting the wire with absolutely no tools required and I had the canvas wired and ready. All that was left was to hang it up, and we were so excited.

affordable large canvas from

These days, our room is used for so many things. It’s where I work out each morning, it’s where many school zooms happen, it’s where I work when all the other rooms are taken with zoom school, and it’s where we escape from the chaos of online school whenever we need a break. But, the new large canvas art from CanvasDiscount helps make it our little sanctuary.

affordable large canvas from

The room needed a dramatic piece, and I’m in love with the result. It’s simple. It’s classic. And it will easily outlast the other art pieces we’ve tried above the bed, both in durability and style. 

Why go with

I’ve already told you that has factory direct prices, but I also know that cost isn’t the only factor you consider. You want a quality product that will last a lifetime. And, in that regard delivers again.

Their canvas prints are printed on premium canvas, using solvent-free HP latex inks, which makes them safe for the whole family. Each canvas is stretched manually over a hand-made spruce wood stretcher frame for better control and for precise adjustments. They also have various edge designs available, from solid black, to mirroring of the image, to a stretched look like we chose. 

And, did I mention the canvas is vivid and gorgeous? They offer high resolution printing in vivid colors with UV resistant inks to resist fading over time. As someone who has to replace all their photographs every few years due to sun damage, this part was extremely important to me. 

Ready to buy your large canvas art?

Get your favorite pictures chosen and head to for all your canvas prints. They also have other fun photography mediums and products, ranging from photo-covered masks to a custom photo blanket

You can even use the coupon code RAVEREVIEW15 to save and additional 15% off all canvas on the website. 


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