Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture makes food prep fun

Thai Moon Knife from Verve CultureIf it’s handmade, you can pretty much assume that I love it. There is nothing I enjoy more than walking an artisan market somewhere new and exciting, shopping for items that you just can’t find at big box stores. Since traveling just for the sake of shopping is definitely out this year, I’m shopping artisan markets from the comfort of my couch. I found the perfect gem in the Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture as well as a dozen other items I’d love to own.Thai Moon Knife Verve Culture

What is Verve Culture?

Verve Culture is a whole new way of shopping artisan markets. This women-owned and women-run company approaches everything a little differently and shows you the heart of each of their products they offer. From the comfort of home, you can peruse their offerings to find something for just about everyone on your list.

They currently feature three different cultures on their site {Thailand, Morocco, and Mexico} and a variety of items that range from kitchen gadgets to meal kits to face masks within those umbrellas. Whether you are looking for the perfect conversation piece or a traditional tool for the modern kitchen, you can find it at Verve Culture.Thai Moon Knife by box

Verve Culture is unique in that each of their kitchen, homeware, and gourmet food products comes with the story of where it is made, by whom, and the history of the item. They operate under the firm belief that exposure to new cultures and experiences brings joy, and I couldn’t agree more. I love that their team works with amazing artisans and craftsmen from around the world that are proud to share their stories of heritage and passion as well as their handcrafted wares. 

Verve Culture

Shopping for the perfect gift at Verve Culture

Since the way to my husband’s heart is through kitchen gadgets, and the quirkier the better, I knew I was in the right place to shop for our anniversary. The Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture caught my eye almost immediately, and I knew we needed to add it to our cutlery options at home.Thai Moon Knife from The Verve Culture

When I read more about it and the history of the Thai knives, I was sold. Although there were tons of items I knew he’d love, the uniqueness and quirky-ness of the Thai Moon Knife won me over.Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture

The history of Thai knives

About 200 years ago, blacksmiths made beautiful, intricate swords for the Thai-Burma war. They passed down their craft in making chefs knives. Today, a whole community is involved in a different part of the steel forging process. Families form co-operatives and have skilled workers dedicated to forging, grinding, stamping, woodwork, and finishing. The result is beautifully crafted knives that aren’t just amazing looking, but also can make prep work in the kitchen a breeze.Thai Moon Knife in hand

About the Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture

The Thai Moon Knife from Verve Culture is made of carbon steel, and is cut and sharpened to traditional standards. This chef’s knife was traditionally used for cutting pork in the markets, but has many uses in a modern kitchen.Thai Moon knife cutting limes

The lightweight, carbon steel Thai Moon Knife is named for its unique round shape. The rounded blade allows for a longer cut, which makes it perfect for large fruits and vegetables, like melons and coconuts. Its light, thin blade makes it ideal for preparing hard-skinned fruits, meat, and can even easily cut through bone.Thai Moon Knife The Verve Culture

Worried that it won’t fit your knife block? Yeah, it won’t. Thank goodness it comes with its own beautiful wooden box for storage and display. Opening it to use the Thai Moon knife is like opening up a present each time. 

Learn more about the Thai Moon Knife here.

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