Global Girl dolls introduce girls to the wider world around them

Sponsored post I like to think that I’m raising global kids; ones who are excited to learn about different cultures and visit as many places as they can in their lifetimes. Sometimes instilling that love of different cultures is as easy as my daughter seeing a movie or reading a book and deciding she wants to visit France or Japan or Brazil all on her own, but other times it means introducing her to a new culture in a fun and exciting way that really resonates with her. The best way to do that is through play. Global Girl DollsThis is why I love the new Global Girl Dolls that celebrate the differences of girls all over the world while sharing the stories of 6 fictional characters. DollCollection_med

Meet Tatiana™, Vivienne™, Marcela™, Mei Ling™,Tiffany™, and Amahle™, the Global Girl Dolls. The concept of Global Girl was developed after the founders realized that there were no doll brands or book collections that focused on different countries and cultures in a meaningful, inspirational and empowering way. The idea for Global Girl was born, and they are ready to take over the world. They are on mission to open girls’ minds and spark a natural curiosity about their peers in other countries. Global Girl kissWe got to check out the new Marcela Global Girl doll, and she is even more lovely in person than she is in photographs. The Global Girl dolls have individually handcrafted face molds to really show their personalities and backgrounds. Marcela’s eyes have such a depth to them and are such an unusual color. This depth is hard to capture on film, but when you see her in person she’s simply captivating. Global Girl laying downShe has wavy brown hair that is simply gorgeous. Seriously, I would give anything for hair like this! Global Girl hairAt 21 inches tall, Global Girl Dolls are taller than your average fashion or play doll and have an innovative body design that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They are composed of synthetic foam, polyester fabric, and an interior framework. They have a hand-crafted vinyl breastplate, arms and legs. This unique body design allows them to be posed in hundreds of positions, and can even stand and sit up because of the special interior framework. Global Girl jointsMarcela is dressed in a hot-pink satin dress with rhinestone detailing, a matching pink satin jacket, a white satin and sequin purse, Global Girl underwear, and sparkly silver shoes. Marcela also comes with pierced ears and beautiful pink rhinestone flower earrings. Global Girl jacket
Global Girl purse
  Global Girl shoesI love that the dolls teach them about different modern day cultures and backgrounds in a way that is easy to relate to. In addition to having outfits and accessories that are inspired by their cultures, each Global Girl doll also comes with a book so girls can read their original stories. Global Girl in boxIn the book Marcela by author Shirley Velasquez, Marcela stays behind in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her tía {aunt} when her parents leave town for a trip. Her tía owns a famous dance studio and Marcela has been taking dance classes there ever since she learned to walk. Marcela is busy preparing for the annual Tango Dance Festival, but when her dance partner breaks his arm, Marcela rushes to find someone to replace him. GLobal Girl hugLuckily, she meets Mateo, a young fútbol player who is willing to learn the tango to help Marcela, even with the short notice. The story is cute and features many aspects of Argentina life that has been relayed by my own kids’ tía after her study abroad program. Since my daughter is also a dancer, she immediately took to Marcela and her story and was dying to find out about Mateo and Marcela each day. Global Girl up closeAs fun as it is to have a doll that looks just like you that is easy to relate to, I love the idea of a doll that is her own person. It’s so important to celebrate the cultural and ethnic differences that make us all unique while realizing that we all are also very similar at heart. It’s a great way to teach kids to inspire, empower, believe, dream and learn about the world around them, all through fun and imaginative play with a new best friend. Global Girl doll snuggling
Want to find out more about this amazing doll brand? Head over to and check out each of their dolls and their stories.

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  1. “The concept of Global Girl was developed after the founders realized that there were no doll brands or book collections that focused on different countries and cultures in a meaningful, inspirational and empowering way.”
    They’re wrong. Several doll lines have existed for years prior to this company coming around doing this exact same thing. Hearts 4 Hearts, Journey Girls, and BFC Ink Pen Pals are just three examples.
    The scarf on the French doll stains, and her eyes are cloudy.

  2. This is just what I have been looking for! My Nieces are 3 and 6 and I have been adapting Barbie Dolls to make them more authentic to give as gifts. I give the girls dolls and gifts from the countries I travel. Amazing! I will check it out!


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