Why you should see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

A big thank you to Disney for sending the new film to be reviewed. All opinions on why you should see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are ours alone. 

The Rise of SkywalkerYou may have heard there’s a little movie that just came out called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and you may have even read some other reviews. I’m not going to break down the whole movie and do a deep review or give any spoilers, but I did want to give you my take. 

First things first, I really liked it a lot. No, it wasn’t a perfect movie with zero plot holes, but I don’t think any of us thought that was possible. I’ve heard grumbling that it throws off the Star Wars movie-verse, and that may be true, to a degree. There are some logical and story issues you kind of have to gloss over in order to allow the movie to tie up all the loose ends dangling from other films and make it fun and exciting to watch. It was an impossible task, and they did well with it. 

Star Wars: then and now; it still has my heart

The Rise of Skywalker manages to still make Star Wars feel new and nostalgic at the same time. All while being a ton of fun, emotional at times, funny throughout, and it actually answers a lot of the questions you have from the previous movies.  

Really, it was more than I was expecting. And, what I was expecting was to be transported to a galaxy far, far away for a few hours and hopefully answer a few questions I’ve had with me for years. Rise of Skywalker did that and more.  

Why you should see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

One of my favorite aspects of all the newer Star Wars movies is how they nail the look and feel of what a Star Wars movie should be, and that was definitely true in Rise of Skywalker. The way they transition scenes, and the way that when you get to a new planet it starts with an animal in the frame and then a ship flies over. All those may seem like little things, but to me that’s what makes a movie feel like Star Wars and I know I’m in the right place. There are so many shots in the new film that are perfect homages to the older movies and it made it feel like it all came full circle.  

On top of that, there’s also light sabers, epic space battles, and people using the Force. You get what you paid for.  If that’s not enough to make you go see it, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Kylo and Rey

The movie begins with Rey continuing to train on her journey to become a Jedi, while Kylo Ren is out trying to find out who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes. The film continues their push-and-pull relationship from previous films. It’s an interesting dynamic to see how they are linked together and yet at odds with one another at the same time, all while each continues on their journey.  

And, the last reason to go see it? Because everyone else will have seen it and you don’t want to be the only person in your office/class/parent group/friend circle who hasn’t seen it. Someone is definitely going to let out a few spoilers, I’m warning you now. See it, see it early. Trust me. 

I left the movie really pumped and enjoyed it a bunch. I was actually pretty surprised when I saw the first review that came out pretty negative. Everyone I saw it with enjoyed in immensely, and the whole theater was clapping and cheering throughout. I mean, it’s a space adventure movie. Roll with it, folks. Kylo and Rey

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