ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice

ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar AccuVoice

Have you ever struggled to hear dialogue on TV and movies, but for some reason the commercials are blaringly loud? If so, you definitely need to check out ZVOX with AccuVoice that was all the buzz at CES this year for a very good reason. The ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice and a built-in subwoofer is more like a complete sound system in one unit.

And, it really does sound amazing. I was expecting a much smaller sound than the SB380 produced, and I definitely wasn’t expecting the level of surround sound it gives out. You don’t expect room-filling 3D sound from a single unit, but this one definitely rocks it. With its built-in powered subwoofer, you can even get great bass without having to keep an external unit in your living room.

ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar AccuVoice

All of that and it even has Output Leveling that tames loud commercials so you don’t have to jump for the remote every single commercial break. I feel like it’s gotten even worse in the past few years as advertising companies are dying to have their commercials noticed. There’s been so many shows we’ve watched where we had to finally mute the commercials altogether because the sound levels were obnoxious.

What is AccuVoice?

AccuVoice is the new technology that lifts voices out of soundtracks to make them clear and understandable. It works much like hearing aid technology, but uses a much more advanced processor that is capable of subtle manipulation of sound, and without all the hassle of hearing aids. The ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice has 6 levels of voice boost.

Once upon a time, I had no problem hearing voices on TV. Those were the days, man. Then, I had kids and the subtitles went on. That way, we weren’t constantly rewinding shows to better hear what we missed when we all of a sudden had an impromptu song being sung in our living room. So, now we have subtitles on at all times as many of our shows have harder to hear dialogue, but there’s sometimes that subtitles aren’t great.

ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar AccuVoice
  1. When you’re watching a show while doing anything else {working, knitting, crafting, cooking}
  2. While watching comedies or stand up routines where subtitles ruin the punchline
  3. When you’re watching live broadcasts and the subtitles are anything put accurate

Unfortunately for me, these three situations happen around here more often than you might think. I work from home and typically watch a show or two each week, but subtitles don’t do me much good since I can’t actively look at the screen. For me, AccuVoice is a lifesaver because I can hear the show clearly, without having to stare at the screen to read the subtitles.

ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar AccuVoice

Installing the ZVOX SB380 couldn’t be easier

I was prepared for a struggle setting up the sound bar all alone as a surprise for my husband, but I was shocked at how easy it really was. It was truly as easy as plugging it in, and then using the included connection cables to connect it to the TV. Since the Frame TV has a separate box for connections, I didn’t even need to struggle to see around the TV to see where it connects. It was as easy as plugging in a few cables and it started right up with room filling sound.

Once installed, it can work with your existing remote if you prefer, or you can use the included remote that comes with the ZVOX unit. It’s simple to use the included remote and allows you to select the level of AccuVoice, the volume level, surround sound, and more.

Mounting the ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice

There are 3 different ways to mount or use the ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice. You can wall-mount the unit so it doesn’t take up surface area, or place it either upright or flat on furniture. This means you can use it with minimalist setups with no entertainment center, or you can place it on any furniture if you don’t want to mount it on a wall.

The ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice is 35.5″W x 3.3″D x 5.7″H and works well with TVs from 37”- 70”. Check out ZVOX.com to see more about the ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice and read more about their line of AccuVoice speakers and systems. 

ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar AccuVoice

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