Signing Times on Nick Jr.

From an extremely early age, my daughter has been trying desperately to speak her mind.  When we saw that at 9 months she was going to end up creating her own sign language if we didn’t step in, hubby and I decided it was time to break out the college American Sign Language textbooks and … Read more

Yo Gabba Gabba! There’s a Party in My CD Player!

Have you ever done a YouTube search for Yo Gabba Gabba!?  I have, and it’s adorable.  The search results reveal video after video of basically the same thing: an adorable kid watching Yo Gabba Gabba! on TV and doing some sort of delightful – yet crazy – dance.  Anyone who has ever caught an episode … Read more

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVD

Hurry, the Disney vault is open!   Re-released on 10/6/09 for the first time in 7 years, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs new Diamond Edition Combo Pack is out just in time for the holidays.  In preparation for my daughter’s inevitable “princess phase”, we have set about collecting the Disney movies as they come … Read more

Roku Digital Video Player – Top Pick for Father’s Day

"For On-Demand Movies at Plan-Ahead Prices" We might have been the last family in our town to get a Netflix account. For years we were harassed by well-meaning friends and family members touting how great the Netflix service was. And, I’ll admit it sounded great, but I just couldn’t get past the monthly invoice whether … Read more

Cocoon Couture Bean Bag Chairs

Cocoon Couture Bean Bags Before you start thinking about all the shapeless bean bag chairs we’re all more than familiar with, I’m going to stop you with one single image: A picture speaks a thousand words and in this case all those words have to do with adorable.  The stereotypes that took bean bag chairs … Read more