Cocoon Couture Bean Bag Chairs

Cocoon Couture Bean Bags

Before you start thinking about all the shapeless bean bag chairs we’re all more than familiar with, I’m going to stop you with one single image:


A picture speaks a thousand words and in this case all those words have to do with adorable.  The stereotypes that took bean bag chairs over 40 years to perfect, Cocoon Couture did away with the moment they created their vintage inspired chairs that are cuter than any chair should ever be allowed to be.  Their Bean Bag Covers are made of pinwale cord with embroidery and fabric appliqués and come in a variety of colors that will match any nursery, playroom, livingroom, movie room, great room, etc… Really, these chairs go anywhere, which is probably why they designed a slick little corduroy handle at the top that’s perfect for carting it around the house.  Cocoon Couture even has Bean Bag Covers in neutral colors, which is very unexpected but incredibly welcome in a house that doesn’t have a primary color scheme and never will. 



Even more than the color choices, we like the shape of the Cocoon Couture Bean Bag Covers.  Instead of a big puffy circle, their Bean Bag Covers have a flat bottom and then 4 triangular shaped panels stitched together with contrast piping, which gives the Cover more of a pear shape.  The result is that you can form the Bean Bag Cover into a chair complete with a higher back, or you can lay it on its side for lounging on your belly.  On its side, it is absolutely perfect for little babies*, as it creates a little nest for them to lie in while being fully supported and can be formed to any degree of recline.  Unlike the formless bean bag chairs of our youths, Cocoon Couture Bean Bag Chairs offer a more structured seat that keeps the beans from shifting, greatly enhancing the usability for any age and use.

When not being used by kiddos, I like to use the Bean Bag Chair myself.  I found that it is perfect for using as a reading pillow in bed, or for late night laptop use (now, for example) since it’s not too big to overwhelm the bed, but still offers ample support against the metal headboard.  Leaned against a wall, it’s the perfect spot to sit and read a bedtime story to the kids.  The pinwale cord is flexible and durable, but doesn’t add any unnecessary heft to the chair.  Even filled with beans it is incredibly light, which makes it perfect for little ones moving from room to room. 

We also love that the Bean Bag Covers all come with a fabric safety insert that slips inside the corduroy and keeps all the beans securely inside the Cover.  For easy washing of the Cover, you just remove the fabric insert that holds all the beans and launder by machine or by hand.  When dry, you just reinsert the fabric lining and it’s as good as new.  As an added protection for little ones, the zipper tab on the Bean Bag Cover has been removed to prevent kiddos from opening it to get at the fabric insert and the enclosed beans.  Their Covers all come sans beans for ease of shipping, but beans are readily available at just about any department store or home center and are very inexpensive.    

Random Rave: With baby in it, you can gently rock the Bean Bag Chair, causing the beans to shift enough to make a soothing white noise but without altering the shape of the Chair.  Random, but invaluable when dealing with fuss.

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To buy from the U.S. Stockist:

Price: $130, but for a limited time all the Bunny Bean Bags are on sale for $85 for Easter

Looks:  Delightfully gorgeous and perfect for any décor.

Overall:  Absolutely perfect for any age, making it a much longer lasting seat than most others marketed for kids. 

* I’m sure that Bean Bag Chairs are among the long list of things that are not approved for babies.  But, my baby loves it.  I know, because I am always right beside her while she is relaxing in it. 

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  1. Remember when bean bag chairs were all the rage. It’s great to see such stylish and comfy looking ones available now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have had my eye out for a good sale on the Cocoon Couture Bean Bags for a while. I managed to find a fabulous half price sale(%54.95) which started today on Ozsales. The 3 day sale finished on Wed 24th November and I managed to nab two of the gorgeous styles this morning… The Cheeky Sqirrel & Early Bird. I haven’t found anyone selling them for anywhere near this cheap before so if you are keen…have a look.You need to be invited to buy from Ozsales so I have put a link below.


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