The tablet that just might replace your laptop from AT&T

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Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you a preview of the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet I’ve been dying to get my hands on? Well, thanks to AT&T, I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and it's been great to ditch my heavy weight laptop for a bit and go light, especially with all the traveling we've been doing.

I hate that whenever I travel it’s this big dilemma about whether I will take my 7” Android tablet that is hard to work on or I will cave and take the super heavy and way-too-large laptop that I use for editing photos and videos. Sadly, the laptop usually wins and it’s yet another thing I need to haul around with all the kids. If it's truly a vacation and I don't plan on working at all, the Android tablet is okay, but it’s definitely not a work substitute and it could mean a whole lot of stress if even a small issue comes up.

For everyone who is Windows-based like me, the Surface is the perfect answer to this dilemma. I need to have all my files and work documents while still being lightweight and portable, and the Surface is all that and more. They call it "the tablet that can replace your laptop", and for many that would definitely be the case if they don't need a ton of storage, an entertainment hub, or a large monitor screen for editing photos/videos or designing.Microsoft tablet and phone

Sure, it might look like a standard tablet at first glance, but flip out the integrated kickstand and pair with the Surface Keyboard and it becomes a convertible laptop. With the ability to run desktop software and use touchscreen apps, a full-size USB port and expandable microSD slot, the Surface 3 is a perfect mix of innovation and practicality. As thin and light as a tablet but as powerful as a laptop, it’s the best of both worlds without compromising.

The Surface 3 comes preloaded with all the apps I love, like Word, OneDrive, Skype, Bing, and more.  One visit to the Windows Store and you can access and buy millions of apps and desktop programs for everything you need to personalize your Surface. Since I’m already a Windows user on laptop and cell phone, setting up the Surface 3 was super easy – as easy as logging in to my account. Once I was logged in, I could customize the tablet however I would like. Since the Surface 3 has a full-size USB 3.0 port, a microSD card reader, and a Mini DisplayPort, you can easily connect accessories and storage devices to Surface 3 just like you would a laptop. Connect printers, cameras, smartphones, jump drives, and more and watch it become a mobile office, without all the bulk.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be for work. The Surface 3 is also an awesome tablet for surfing the internet, watching movies and more – just remove the Keyboard and it’s even smaller, more compact, and ready for enjoying some downtime.Surface laptopIn fact, that's where I think the Surface really excels. I love Windows drawing and art programs and this past year has brought huge growth in that area that only confirms that Windows is for me. With so many options for editing, creating and sharing art it is now the platform many artists are migrating to so they can have the versatility a tablet but the abilities of a laptop.

But, what I use the most is also one of the main reasons I'm a Windows girl: the home page is all customized and contains just what I need. I love their active tiles that make notifications from social networks, connected accounts, and more to help keep me current at a glance.  Sick of seeing all the political news, I can un-pin, minimize, or hide anything I don't want on my home screen or move things around until I've got everything I need visible and organized. Goodbye, political notifications! Surface customizing

A few more Surface features that I love:
•    HD display and front-facing speakers
•    Windows® 8.1 runs your desktop software
•    One-year free trial of Office 365 Personal
•    Built-in 3-position Kickstand
•    Multiple productivity ports built-in
•    Pen and Keyboard sold separately

After trying out a Surface 3 from AT&T, I’ve seen what I’ve been missing and it’s going to be super sad to see it go. It’s been fun being mobile and ready for anything, Surface 3. Microsoft Surface Tablet ClosedHave you been eyeing the Surface 3? If you travel a lot, commute with a computer, or you just need a lightweight alternative to a traditional laptop, the Surface might be perfect for you.

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  1. I have done tons and huge amounts of research preceding making my buy of my surface 3. I thought of the assurance this would be a decent starter gadget to get my sensors wet before going out and spending the well over $1000 for an untouchable gadget and not using every one of the components gave.

  2. AT&T, like many other technology companies, offers a range of tablets that are marketed as potential laptop replacements.


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