What we’re playing with: The Microsoft Surface 3 from AT&T

I’ve wanted a Microsoft Surface tablet before I even knew its name. Ever since I heard rumors about this newfangled tablet that could potentially replace your laptop, I wanted it. I don’t know about you, but my laptop is starting to feel more and more like a dinosaur – something we’re going to laugh at one day like we do the first cell phones and say “remember when laptops were heavier and bigger than textbooks?” 

I would love to not feel so chained to my desk when working and really, for a Windows-based gal like me, the Surface is the answer to my dilemma. I need to have all my files and work documents while still being lightweight and portable, and the Surface is all that and more. Microsoft Surface TabletFor the next few weeks, I’m going to be trying out a Surface 3 from AT&T and can’t wait to experience this freedom I’ve been missing. Paired with the Surface Keyboard, this little tablet acts like a laptop that can do just about anything my big brick of a laptop can do, only easier. Office on the go? No problem! Working from the couch? Sign me up! Surfing the web and watching movies from bed? All easier than ever!

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