Meet the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Alpha from AT&T

Sponsored postLove the iPhone styling but just don’t love the iPhone? Join the club.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the sleek and smart Android phone that has the best of both worlds. I will admit I’ve had a mixed history with Android in the past as I love my Android tablet but I can’t quite give up the functionality of my Windows phone and how well it pairs with my PC, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the Galaxy Alpha design and all the premium features built in. Samsung Galaxy Alpha form function

But, let’s start with the superficial and talk about how gorgeous this phone is. I’ve secretly always loved the newer iPhones with their metal cases and slim designs, especially when compared directly with my “phablet” that is the 1520 Nokia Lumia, and the Galaxy Alpha really nails the sleek and modern look. With a crisp 4.7-inch Super AMOLED HD display that delivers HD clarity and rich colors paired with a nice metal frame, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks like a much higher end phone than any of the Samsung phones I’ve checked out in the past.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha phones

Beyond its good looks, the compact and lightweight 4.7-inch size and slim 6.7mm thickness of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is perfect for pocket or purse, and it just feels good in your hand. Since my phablet is very much a two handed operation, I loved using the Galaxy Alpha as I’m increasingly left with one hand these days.

Hello, life with a newborn.

Speaking of newborns, I’m sure you can imagine I’m taking a ton of pictures these days, so I loved the sharpness and speed of the camera on the Galaxy Alpha.  The 12MP camera features a 4x digital zoom and pro editing tools, so you can enhance photos before you even get the shot. Plus, camera modes offer predefined settings for capturing photos so you can easily select your mode and just start shooting. Samsung Galaxy Alpha camera

Other features I love are the fingerprint recognition that you have the option of using in place of passwords, and the Samsung health tracker. S Health tracks footsteps like an activity tracker where you can set health goals and stay motivated but it also goes one step further and can even track your heart rate via a sensor on the back of the phone. Samsung health

With stunning good looks and innovative features throughout, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha truly is the best of both worlds. Samsung’s high-end tech combined with the sleek design makes this a phone that allows function to meet form. Check out the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in an AT&T store near you so you can see it in person. As beautiful as it is in photos, this is a phone you need to see for yourself in order to appreciate.

Here's why you should run out and see the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in person:
•         Thin and lightweight design with a metal bezel
•         Crisp 4.7” Super AMOLED® display
•         12MP camera
•         Built-in S Health™ application
•         Fingerprint scanner
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23 thoughts on “Meet the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Alpha from AT&T”

  1. i love the idea of the samsung health tracker and 12MP camera. My fav features are the bult-in S health ap and 12mp camera.

  2. I love the fingerprint recognition! Very secure, especially if you lost it and it had tons of children’s pictures and info on it.

  3. I especially like that it fits in one hand good and is easy to hold on to. I like to use the Kindle app on my phone and read a lot. With one hand operation it is so much better.


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