Phil&Teds MeToo Portable Highchair

For when parents need to be portable I’ll admit it, I didn’t think we needed a portable highchair for baby.  Most restaurants we go to have loaners that they start offering you as soon as you walk in, so I just assumed we would use theirs when we dined.  Hubby was insistent and embarked on … Read more

Belly Fish Nursing Pillow and Cover

Belly Fish Nursing Pillow and Cover by Dominic Carter, Inc. There are three types of nursing mothers: those who are over shirt, those who are under shirt, and those who let it all hang out.  My research into nursing products makes absolutely no mention of these three distinctions as if all mothers nurse their babies … Read more

The First Years Breastfeeding Wrap

emember those cheap Halloween costumes you used to wear when you were a kid? I think these wraps are made out of leftover costume remnants from 1985. But, looks and texture aside, I went forth with my plan to test it out and report back.

Beep Beep Slings

Beep Beep Slings I just love babywearing.  One might call me addicted.  I seriously can’t think of anything better than snuggling your baby while you run errands, take a walk, or just get things done at home.  And, luckily for me, baby completely agrees.  Since baby was just days old I have been slinging her … Read more