The First Years Breastfeeding Wrap

The First Years Breastfeeding Wrap

This nursing cover would have never been purchased if it wasn’t for the low price and high accessibility.  I even did something that I almost never do – I didn’t take it out of the package at the store.  So, imagine my disappointment to find that the cover is little more than a cheap fabric shawl.  Remember those cheap Halloween costumes you used to wear when you were a kid?  I think these wraps are made out of leftover costume remnants from 1985.  But, looks and texture aside, I went forth with my plan to retire my new favorite nursing cover and give this one a fair shot. 

The design is simple – a large circular shaped shawl cut a bit longer in the front and minimally adjustable at the collar.  In theory, the design works.  However, I found that in practice the shawl spins as baby flails and that minimally adjustable collar now gapes at the place where you least want to expose.  See that open shoulder cutout in the picture?  I’m not sure why the designers thought that was a good idea, as I see no purpose for it whatsoever, and that open hole rarely stays on your shoulder.  I also found the design was too short for me, and barely covered baby, let alone providing a new mother with any modesty in the places it counts.  However, because of the nature if it being a nursing wrap or shawl, there was a bunch of extra fabric where you really don’t need it (like on your back) that make it bigger than it really needs to be, therefore needlessly filling up your diaper bag.  Even at the low price and easy availability, the cover was not worth purchasing.  Even those on limited budgets would do better with a receiving blanket as a nursing cover and save their money for something that is far more functional. 

R&R Reader Tip: A reader just contacted me to let me know that she had the same problems I ran into with the First Years Breastfeeding Wrap until she put her arm through the hole in the shawl (similar to putting on a t-shirt).  By using the hole as an arm hole instead of leaving it open, it made it so the wrap didn’t twist and spin as she fed and kept her and her babe covered.  Ingenious!  See photo detailing the use below:

First Years Wrap

Price: $13

Functionality: Horrible, don’t waste your money

Looks: Just like you’d expect a cheap shawl to look.

Overall rating: It lost points for appearance, feel of the fabric and the unmodest cut.  The only mark it did receive was for price alone. 

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  1. Yeahh its a terrible product.. wish I had researched a bit on net b4 buyin a wrap.. bt its d cost that attracts n then comes wit it all d disappointment! 🙁 total waste of money! Y do dey make designs like this!


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