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Shopboys For decades there was literally one type of baby shoe available.  You know which one, you’ve seen it a million times.  Oftentimes it is plain white, sometimes it is bronzed.  But it’s always the same design.  Classic, yes, but rather boring.  And, as it turns out, it wasn’t the best for our baby feet, anyway.  In the past decade there has been a huge boost in the number of baby shoe manufacturers in the market, giving parents so many more options to protect their baby’s feet than they have ever had before.   

Rileyroos offers some of the cutest designs in that growing baby shoe market, and some of the best quality shoes I’ve seen.  Handcrafted from high quality leather and suede, Rileyroos have exceptional attention to detail.  With touches such as a curving sole, reflective stripes, contrast stitching and a rolled toe to protect baby’s feet while crawling and running.  Even with all the extra features, Rileyroos are still very timeless and straightforward in their designs, with no extra embellishments that overpower the shoe.  Rileyroos are not only adorable baby shoes, I wish I could get them in my size.  Which leads me to my one complaint with the shoe line – they only carry up to a 24 month size.   

Rileyroos are soft and flexible which makes them the perfect shoe for little walkers.  Experts allRileyroos agree that soft soled shoes are best for growing feet as your baby learns to stand and then take their first steps.  Designed to imitate barefoot walking, Rileyroos combines a soft, bendable sole with a truly stylish upper to earn top marks in both.  Cleverly designed with gripping pads on the heel, ball of foot and toe, Rileyroos offers non-slipping soles without sacrificing the flexibility of the shoe itself.  The gripping pad at the toe is perfect for crawlers or new walkers as baby learns to push off from his toes for momentum.   

Looking at the other options out there for children's shoes, Rileyroos is a refreshing choice that does not compromise style for function.  Now if we could only get them in larger sizes….

Price: $30, which I feel is a great value in the children’s shoe market

Functionality: Great – Lightweight and soft, Rileyroos are a perfect transition shoe between soft soled booties and hard soled tennies.

Marks: 4.5 marks out of 5, losing a half of a mark in my own little protest to petition Rileyroos to make larger sizes.

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