Boppy Waterproof Liners for Changing Pad Covers for moms that don’t want extra laundry

No monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review. I just love the product and wanted to share.

I ran across the Boppy Changing Pad covers in a store and purchased it based solely on color alone. Being a crazy first time mom who insists that everything match in the soon-to-be Baby’s room, I had been searching for the perfect shade of green to match the mural my sister and I had painted (see, I warned you I was crazy. I believe we call that OCP – Obsessive Compulsive Planning, and I had it bad).

It was only after I had gone home and ripped the cover from the package that I realized what an amazing impulse buyer I am. Unfortunately, the original Changing Pad Cover only comes with only one Waterproof Liner, which meant that after I realized how wonderful it was, I had to go back out to the store to get more.   

The oval shaped Waterproof Liners that lay nicely over both flat and contour shaped changing pads for extra waterproof ability over whatever changing pad cover matches your decor. These Waterproof Liners are absolutely amazing, allowing you to launder your changing pad cover at least half as much, if not less. When baby has a huge blowout (which can feel like a daily occurrence), you can still lay her down on the changing pad knowing that you will only have to launder the oval liner, not take the whole cover off. Or, when baby decides to wait until you have the diaper off to go, you can contain the mess much easier and rinse it much easier without having to scrub the whole changing pad afterwards. Not to mention that the Waterproof Liners are white so you can bleach them without worry. After so much washing, they are starting to show signs of use, but not as bad as you’d imagine and nothing that bothers me at all. 

I have three packs of the sets of three, plus the initial Liner that came with the cover and it’s the perfect amount for when I am feeling lazy and wait a week or two without doing a bleach load.  I would have to own 10 changing pad covers to have the same freedom, and that would obviously be a much greater storage commitment.

These Waterproof Liners aren’t super absorbent, but they are much better than the changing pad covers themselves, so I can’t really complain.  I absolutely think every new mom should have these Liners, whether they choose the Boppy Changing Pad Cover or not.  Unless, of course, they love doing laundry.  

Price: $12 for a pack of three Waterproof Liners

Functionality: Extremely functional, extra absorbency would be nice, but something is better than nothing at all.

Looks: Not beautiful, but at least it allows you to have a cute changing pad cover underneath. 

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 marks, losing only a half of a mark for looks and limited absorbency, because sometimes practicality doesn’t need to be pretty.

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