Maclaren Quest Stroller – For Families on the Go

For five days this month we lived like true New Yorkers; sharing a third story walk-up, taking the subway all along Manhattan, and rolling in style with the true NY stroller – the Maclaren.  It’s been the city-dwelling gold standard in strollers for years and I have come to realize that this honor is well … Read more

The Ride-On Carry-On Eliminates Airport Stress

There is nothing more stressful than a crowded airport, especially if you’re like me and always seem to be rushing between plane transfers or running late after having to repack your bag after security.  When you add kids into the situation, the stress level takes on a whole new dimension.  I swear it seems as … Read more

ERGObaby Carrier

“Ergo we go” I had seen the ERGObaby carriers around town for a few months and was always curious about them but I hadn’t realized just how excited I was to try the ERGObaby until I got my own.  Taking it out of the package, I was oddly giddy as I pictured baby and me exploring … Read more

Baby B’Air Flight Safety Vest

I hadn’t realized how few safety precautions are available for children in-flight until my daughter was four months old and she flew for the first time.  Realizing as we sat down that there was absolutely no seatbelt or harness available, I was scared to death for the flight and the prospect of turbulence as we … Read more

Earthmate PN-40 GPS by DeLorme – Geocaching, anyone?

Most people hear GPS and the first thing they think of is dash-mounted vehicle units to help guide you in the car.  I’m here to talk with you about GPS when your method of travel is by bike, foot and car.  The DeLorme Earthmate series handheld GPS are perfect for hiking, biking, boating and more, but … Read more

Aravon Shoes Rave Reviews

Comfort Engineering by New Balance I have a non-negotiable rule: the only time you will ever find me wearing uncomfortable shoes is when I am a bridesmaid.  That leaves roughly 365 days in most years that I need to find comfortable shoes to wear.  When I am traveling or when the weather’s good and we … Read more

Sierra Designs Lightning XT-4 Tent

Camping means entirely different things to different people.  Case in point: the first time my wife and I decided to go camping together and were comparing gear to see what we needed to bring.  When it came time to talk tents we both ended up laughing hysterically at one another and our tent choices.  I … Read more

Go GaGa Weight Reduction Messenger Bags

I am an admitted bag addict and am always on the lookout for the perfect bag for our wide variety of activities.  I finally found that perfect bag in the Go GaGa line; one that can truly grow with me and accommodate all my gear without being uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.  … Read more

Kokopax Carrier Review

Babywearing is to thank for at least 90% of our productivity since baby was born.  Hands free snuggling equates to parenting bliss, and as baby neared her first birthday I was terrified that it would all come to an end once baby got too big for the front pack or the carrier got too cumbersome … Read more

Modular Hauler Deluxe by Mountainsmith

Travel, organized Travel season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m dreaming of the open road and planning all sorts of fun adventures for the family.  Now, all I have to do is figure out how to get me, hubby, baby and gear to all of our exciting destinations.  Lucky for me, … Read more