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Logo_smggg I am an admitted bag addict and am always on the lookout for the perfect bag for our wide variety of activities.  I finally found that perfect bag in the Go GaGa line; one that can truly grow with me and accommodate all my gear without being uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.  The Messenger Bag by Go GaGa absolutely fit those requirements and more, quickly becoming the most useful and by far the most comfortable bag that I have ever owned. 

When I found Go GaGa Bags, my entire bag wishlist was addressed in addition to features I hadn’t even dreamed of: ultimate storage capacity and organization, minimalist good looks, easy access pockets, and the most comfortable weight-reducing strap on the market.  Unlike other bags where the weight of the bag is concentrated along the thin shoulder strap, the Go GaGa line offers something that is far superior – a strap that spreads the weight out over a larger area across the shoulder and back

Home2_a The result is a bag that feels exponentially lighter and allows you to carry it comfortably much longer than you would have ever guessed.  Hubby loves that the Go GaGa strap can be worn in so many different ways so you can reposition the bag throughout the day as needed and aren’t left with one sore shoulder and achy muscles.  I love that the bag has a bouncy, light feel and means I can actually carry that heavy-as-lead SLR camera I always wish I had but can never justify with all baby’s and my stuff weighing me down. 

I have tried a bunch of weight reduction straps for my cameras in the past, but unfortunately the most useful of them are for the camera body, but don’t do anything for you once they are in your bag weighing you down.  The Go GaGa strap is by far the best weight reduction bag I have ever used and it makes me wish I had found their bags years earlier for my book-toting college years or our previous travels when I took my lighter and least favorite SLR with us to save on heft and have regretted it ever since.     

Thumb_main_msgr My second favorite attribute of the Go GaGa Messenger Bag would be the large amount of pockets and storage, but I think most of you already guessed that.  The back pocket is big enough for a laptop as well as the included changing pad, and the interior pockets are big enough to organize a huge amount of gear.  The double enforced dividers are perfect for protecting cameras and breakables (I always pick the most breakable souvenirs, just ask hubby) as well as keeping small things organized even when on the move.  One of my favorite things is that the front flap doesn’t completely cover the two front pockets, so it’s easy to reach in to grab necessities while on the go without stopping to open the bag.  I found this was the perfect spot for my cell phone so it was easy to grab at a moment’s notice without having to set the bag down.      

The two fully insulated side pockets are equally accessible while on the move, and hold a standard sized water bottle, sippy cup, toys, camera lenses, or even some wine bottles, making them actually useful for all of our gear, not just the smallest family members’.  To further support that they have truly thought of everything, Go GaGa has even included two straps along the top of the bag that can hold a yoga mat, rolled blanket or other tubular object as well as being useful for attaching to a stroller or bike.  If you do need to set the bag down for a minute, the reinforced bottom of the bag keeps it upright and easy to access.   

Gogaga1 If you ever carry a bag on a regular basis, or use one for carrying your laptop, traveling, or hauling baby gear, you should definitely check out the Go GaGa line.  They have three different bag designs to fit any need and they come in 5 beautiful colors, two of which are made from recycled materials.  I think there is a huge misconception floating about that Go GaGa Bags are diaper bags and there has been lots of talk about how the bags can be repurposed for all sorts of uses after we’re done diapering.  Instead, I am going to argue that Go GaGa Bags are simply one of the coolest and most innovative designs out there, and it just so happens that some of their product line comes with what could be used as a changing pad.  In short, these bags are smart and stylish, no kiddos required.

Random Raves: I have small shoulders and have a hard time keeping bags in place when slung over one shoulder.  The Go GaGa Messenger Bag stays in place no matter what I’m doing (traveling, shopping, biking, hiking) or carrying (kiddos, gear, cameras), and never slips off unexpectedly.  For those of you with shoulder pain, back pain or tenderness from nursing, the Go GaGa strap is perfect for distributing the weight so that the bag doesn’t irritate, dig in, or cause pain.  

http://www.gogagalife.com/ and available at Buy Buy BABY

Black%20strap%20-%20overhead%20view Priced from $118 – $128, which may seem pricey, but is absolutely worth every penny.  For those that already have the perfect bag but are dreaming of Go GaGa’s weight reduction straps, you will be happy to note that they sell the straps separately and they can be attached to any bag with loops.

Looks: Not too girly, not too masculine, the Go GaGa line has something for both guys and gals.

Overall: I adore this bag and could easily sell this bag by the dozens to fellow travelers and parents on the street.  I’m hoping to eventually own two more individual straps to attach to my luggage for our travels. 

A big thank you to Go GaGa for sending their messenger bag to save my neck, back and shoulders.

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  1. I really wanted this bag while I was pregnant, I couldn’t justify the cost so I’m using a different tote now, maybe the second time around!

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