Cinemek Hitchcock iPhone App Release Party


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[Partygoers fill an industrial loft in Seattle, skyline visible through window]

Narrator: When Cinemek throws a party, you can bet there will be bacon.  No, not fatty bacon strips; that would get grease all over their iPhones. We're talking Bakon Vodka.
Celebrating the release of their Hitchcock iPhone app, a mobile storyboard creator that every filmmaker {with an iPhone or iPod Touch} needs to own, the folks at Cinemek whooped it up all night long. Jonathan Houser, the Hitchcock creator and mastermind, was on hand to hold baby and keep us all up well past our bedtimes.

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[Narrator enters from left]
Narrator: If you are a filmmaker, know a filmmaker, or just really love storyboarding in your spare time, you should also know Hitchcock.
The app itself is an intelligent and easy to use program that allows you to create photograph driven storyboards from virtually anywhere.  Simple enough to use that us non-filmmakers can jump right in, but complex enough that even a seasoned filmmaker won't outgrow it, the Hitchcock app solves the stick figured storyboard problem for good.  Until now filmmakers had two options for getting their ideas on to paper; they could either learn to draw or hire someone who can. 
I had fun creating what I know would be the next big blockbuster (if only I could find a director) with zero history with an iPhone** and even less experience storyboarding. I'd tell you all about it, but then I would run the risk of losing the rights to the film.  Trust me when I tell you it's that good, and we'll leave it at that.  Unless, of course, you're interested in directing a heartwarming movie about two girls (one of them is a giant, the other is regular sized) and they both go visit the pyramids.  Lots of crazy camera angles, pans, tilts and high speed zooms will tell their tale as they each discover that what they are searching for has been right in front of them the whole time: Bacon. It's got blockbuster written all over it.
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** please note that no one at Rave and Review owns an iPhone and we have no interest in reviewing iPhone apps. However, we always make an exception when the company, the app and the party are this darn cool.

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