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ModularHauler3SystemDeluxeXL Travel season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m dreaming of the open road and planning all sorts of fun adventures for the family.  Now, all I have to do is figure out how to get me, hubby, baby and gear to all of our exciting destinations.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have to waste much time figuring because Mountainsmith has already done the work for me.  Their Modular Hauler sets are the perfect thing to help organize our adventures and make traveling with little ones as simple and organized as possible. 

Before we found Mountainsmith, we would all pack in our own bags and then try and arrange it so that all our gear was easily accessible from the trunk.  All sedan owners know that this feat is impossible – because something has to go in the back recesses of the trunk.  Or, at least that used to be true.  Now, with the Modular Hauler System, there is only one bag to put in that prime trunk-front real estate.  Just one bag that contains everything you need to access while on the go in easy to identify colored compartments.  Picture this: no more stacking, squishing and piling the bags in the trunk to fit everything in.  No more digging through the car to find what you need only to have to repack the car once you find it.  That’s right, it’s all the travel, none of the hassle.

It doesn’t seem possible, right?  Something has to be stacked, squished or piled in order to get it all in there, doesn’t it?  Are you sure that you’ll be able to find anything in that big ol’ bag?  And possibly the most important question – will we still get in the road trip spirit if we don’t spend hours packing the trunk?  Relax, naysayers.  Meet Mountainsmith’s Modular Hauler Systems.   

Deluxe_Cube_detail Mountainsmith Modular Haulers make this level of organization not only possible, they make it easy.  They have 2, 3 and 4 cube Hauler Systems to organize any size family or vehicle as well as selling the Modular Cubes individually to fit just about any need.  The Modular Hauler 3 System Deluxe works perfectly for our family and I have no doubt that it will continue to grow with us. 

At the heart of the System are the Deluxe Cubes that fit perfectly into the Hauler and give you all the benefits of multiple bags but without all the trips.  Since the 3 Deluxe Cubes are all fully functional bags on their own, when placed in the Hauler they are an organizer’s dream.   Each Deluxe Cube is color coded for easy identification so you will always know which tote contains what with just a glance.  If you do happen to forget that all the baby gear was in the red bag, Mountainsmith was clever enough to give the Deluxe Cubes laminated mesh tops, and even threw in a clear pocket for labeling or for small items that will remind you of the contents.  

They don’t call these Deluxe Cubes for nothing, these little babies are tough-looking, rugged, reinforced gear haulers with triple layer construction and durability to spare.  Made from 150d ripstop fabric with a thin foam structure that keeps the shape of the Deluxe Cube even when empty and makes for easy loading and unloading.  Each Deluxe Cube has a flat front pocket for storage, tote handles for easy carrying as well as attachment points for shoulder straps or carabiners and loops for hanging.  Hubby is absolutely convinced that if the need were to arise we could haul rocks in our Deluxe Cubes, but even I draw the line somewhere and will let you test that theory on your own. 

ModularHauler3SystemDeluxe_detail Once placed in the 15” x 25” x 15” Modular Hauler, the whole system gets even more Deluxe.  We’re talking waterproof rubber bottom, easy carry handles on all four sides, compression straps, and a reinforced folding internal structure.  The rubber base allows you to set it down anywhere without worrying about what lies beneath, even in a good inch plus of water.  The handles on every side insure that you will always have a place to grab or secure the Hauler if necessary, while the compression straps hold everything in place. And with the internal structure easily folding down when not in use, you won’t have a hard time storing the Modular Hauler in between trips.

Although I really can’t see storing it at all since it’s so useful for all sorts of applications, even just around the house.  It would be perfect for sporting equipment, camping supplies, travel gear or even just organizing your closet contents.  Perhaps even just for hauling large amounts of rocks…should the need arise.

Random Rave: All parts of the system can be used either independently or together, allowing for numerous configurations to fit whatever you’re hauling.

Price: 2 Cube Systems start at $59 and each additional Cube adds $20 to the price.  The 3 Cube Deluxe model with the rubber base that was reviewed here sells for $129

Looks: Like a super rugged and organized version of whatever you’re hauling now

Overall: Perfect for small roadtrips, big camping trips or even just for organizing around the house

A big thank you to Mountainsmith for organizing all our gear for all our many activities

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  1. Amazing. I like this bag very much. Its very spacious and design is also very attractive. I can carry all the necessities in this bag. I wanted to have one !!


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