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Comfort Engineering by New Balance

I have a non-negotiable rule: the only time you will ever find me wearing uncomfortable shoes is when I am a bridesmaid.  That leaves roughly 365 days in most years that I need to find comfortable shoes to wear.  When I am traveling or when the weather’s good and we walk most everywhere, finding comfortable shoes for long distance is especially difficult.  Hubby jokes that I am constantly on the hunt for shoes, and I would argue that is because finding the perfect shoe is next to impossible.

Aravonfreya Possibly this is because I am extremely picky about what makes the cut, and possibly because my very pampered feet are used to luxury, but whatever the reason, I find it extremely hard to find comfortable shoes and harder still to find good looking shoes that fit my requirements.  When I heard that New Balance had a new collection for women that was hailed to be both comfortable and stylish, I had to see it for myself.

One look at the Aravon site and I was on a mission to find these shoes.  For one, the whole line is practical.  We’re talking sandals, mary janes, slip-ons, oxfords, dress shoes and office footwear in four different comfort formulas that all equal all-day wearability.  There is the Stridarc line with their patented heeled rocker sole, Traversa collection of flats and slip-ons, the Power Comfort line with full ground contact soles for performance, and the Office collection which has various heel heights and can pull off office casual as well as dressy. 

Baby and Shoes So, which style did I choose?  It was a tough choice, but in the end I chose the Aravon Piper and couldn’t be happier.  Since most of our traveling happens when the weather’s warm, finding shoes that can go with both skirts and jeans is always tough.  The Aravon Piper is perfect for all my Summer apparel and even goes well into Fall since its sophisticated look works with slacks, khakis and jeans just as well.  Having even a small heel was a definite change for me since most comfort shoes are flats, so I was extra excited to wear a heel for the first time since my sister’s wedding in 2008.  Even with the 2+ inch heel, the Stridarc Piper shoes are some of the most comfortable I have ever worn and are now my go-to shoe for walking and for travel.

The Aravon Piper product specs are longer than most household appliances, which you will completely understand once you take a few steps in a pair.  The result of all this engineering is a supremely comfortable sole that contours to your feet and provides support and cushioning for all day wear and an adjustable leather upper that feels silky smooth and soft with no “breaking in” required.  A feature I absolutely love is the hook and loop closure that allows you to tighten or loosen the upper as needed for a custom fit.  As someone with abnormally thin feet (which probably accounts for a portion of my shoe issues), I always appreciate when shoes are adjustable, especially when I can still slip them on in a hurry.  

And now for the full Aravon Piper Product Details
• Primalux™ Comfort Cushion is a high density, open-cell foam that gently conforms to the foot and disperses pressure.
• Soft-seam linings have been pounded smooth and insightfully placed to avoid irritating your foot
• Ionact™ Antibacterial Protection helps keep shoe free from odor-causing bacteria
• Hook and Loop closure provides a custom fit without laces
• Leather upper for natural comfort, durability, and breathability
• Abzorb® cushioning in the forefoot for exceptional shock absorption
• Stability Cradle embedded in Velocor™ footbed supports the arch, cups the heel, and helps provide motion control
• Slip-On construction for easy on/off wear
• 12/8 inch heel
• Stridarc heeled rocker sole
• Velocor Footbed made of soft, lightweight EVA foam features an understated metatarsal bump for support
• Colors:  Bronze Metallic and Black

10280-848239-d As you can see, there’s a lot more than good looks going on in the Aravon Collection, which means I’m finally able to stop searching for the perfect shoe and instead start saving my pennies for the other styles in the Aravon line I would love to own.

Take the Aravon Healthy Feet Quiz

Price: I have found Aravon shoes from $70 and up on sale and under $150 full price.  There are sales happening web wide on their sandals and Summer-y shoes and you should act fast if you want to snatch these up at the low rates.  Search for Aravon shoes locally here

Looks: Stylish and sophisticated, these are not your grandma’s comfort shoes.

Overall: For when sneakers are not appropriate but comfort definitely is.

Hubby and I both want to extend a big thank you to Aravon for this review and for ending my quest for comfort shoes.

15 thoughts on “Aravon Shoes Rave Reviews”

  1. These shoes look even cuter on too. I need to look into some of these. I think we may have inherited the same feet problems. Thanks for doing the foot-work for me in finding comfy practical shoes… No pun intended.

    • Purchased at housing works, sandals had new soles, no scuffs on the bottom, appeared unworn. Worn today 1st, only day. Bottoms cracked through all layers at the ball of the foot, straight across. Serious crumbling all along the bottom. It’s sad since they are the most comfortable things I ever put on my feet. I’m noticing that my mother’s sas shoes did the same crumbling. Something about these composition material maybe dries out over time. So even if they never worn, will crumble the first time you wear them.

  2. I bought these yesterday, for the same reasons, thin foot, high arch, tried all the pricey brands in the store, this one felt like little tiny pillows were under my foot! I have only worn them around the house to make sure they are good since they cost me full price. (Freya)

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  4. My Aravon walking shoes self-destructed in a rainstorm. Parts of the sole suddenly fell out, leaving me (and my socks) drenched. In all my many years, I’ve had only two pairs of shoes fall apart while I was wearing them. That one of those was a not-inexpensive product I bought at New Balance does not speak well for either company.

    • Just happened to me, too. The sole pulled out of the heal and I didn’t notice right away. Wondering if I should contact the company. I’ve had them a few years but only wear them a few times a month at most.

  5. I bought Aravon Farrah at the end of the season in spring 2018 on sale, and was so glad to find a stylish and comfortable new shoe for work. I just started wearing them as the fall temperatures dropped. With hardly any wear time in the past two months, (I have worn them mostly on Sunday for church and once or twice during the week to work) the soles have cracked all around in about seven places each shoe, and the bottom of the sole is splitting and chipping. Waiting to hear from the company to see whether they have had the problem fixed in their manufacturing process, so I can decide whether to replace them or not. Really like the style, just not the short wear life.

  6. I love ARavon shoes, but I just had to toss a pair where the sole completely self destructed on both pairs. Clearly a breakdown in the compound used for the sole that was age driven not used driven. I’ve had the shoes a while, but they don’t get worn that much.

  7. I had a pair of Aravon Faye shoes. Best ever!!!!!! The sole cracked in half. My feet were getting wet and until I took a look at the soles I found out why. Took to shoe repair and they wanted like 100 dollars to fix one shoe. I have been searching for another pair for a long time. Why did you stop making them????? They had the stabilizer bar. Seemed to help a lot. Helps me keep my balance! Anyway would love to have another pair new in 7 b. Karen Boedeker


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