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“You’ll twist your ankle.”  That’s the response of everyone over skateboarding age when they see the Shred Sled for the first time. But you know what? This little skateboard-esque good time is not created for anyone with rheumatoid arthritis concerns or bad ankles. No, the Shred Sled is for those who still play like kids, whether they are 8, 28, or 58. And you would be surprised by the large age range of participants we had joining into the Shred Sled fun.  All without any twisted ankles, broken bones or injuries of any kind. 

ShredThe Shred Sled is an in-line, four-wheeled, dual-sided skate deck that is attached by a bendable connector that can be flexed and torqued so both sides move independently of the other side.   Hubby and I had to try it first, because there’s no way we’re sending our family barreling down the street on a contraption we haven’t tested first.  Well, that and we were just dying to try it so when it finally arrived we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer.

The first Shred Sled ride took a bit to get used to, especially for me.  The fact that the wheels of the Shred Sled were inline and the deck had two pieces frightened me a bit and it just didn’t seem possible at all that I would ever be able to ride it.  Requiring balance and a good deal of trust that the first time you step on it won’t land you flat on your face, the Shred Sled seemed intimidating at first to merely stand on, even for hubby.  I should preface this by saying that hubby was a skateboarder in all his high school glory… me, not so much.  So, when hubby turned out to be a natural on the Shred Sled after just a few tries, no one was really surprised.  The shocker was that not only was I able to stay on a four wheeled board for longer than a few seconds, I was actually able to get up some speed and agility. 

After a few tries, we opened up the Shred Sled for riders and showed them the ropes.  We all started out holding onto hubby’s van and pushing off as we learned how to balance on the board and then graduated to trying to twist our hips to pick up momentum.  For the first few tries none of us could go uphill at all, as it required too much coordination to twist in the scissor-like motion required for speed.  However, we had a blast going down the graduated slope of our street over and over by carrying the Shred Sled back up the slope each time. 

Yhst-32406673494321_2068_2926933Once you get moving, the motion of the Shred Sled is unlike anything you’ve ever ridden.  With all four wheels in a straight line it feels like you are riding on a single blade, able to carve turns with fluid precision far superior to a broad wheeled skateboard. Add to that the fact that all four wheels actually rotate independently and it gets even crazier. We found that while in a sweeping turn if you push a little harder out with your rear foot on the rear deck you can add rotation into the turn, a feeling much closer to snowboarding or surfing, and make your turns even sharper but still smooth.   

Hubby was the first to get going uphill and was slow at first but then really got going.  Once he figured it out, it was easy for everyone else to get the technique down for themselves.  I haven’t totally mastered the uphill, but I’ve got the downhill down fast and only a little wobbly.  It was surprising to me how much more in control I felt the faster I rode, which sounds completely backwards but it’s not. 

In fact, I really wasn’t scared at all on the Shred Sled, even as I wiggled down the hill the first time.  This is partly due to how easy it is to stop on the Shred Sled and it makes me so much less nervous, especially when the kiddos are riding it.  Since the board cannot roll on its own and requires your movement to move, you just have to step off the board to stop it, or you can tip either of the Sled sides to the ground where the “brake” is located on the side of the board.  

Yhst-32406673494321_2068_3063507Speaking of kiddos, I guess I should concede that the Shred Sled is easier to pick up the younger you’re introduced to it.  Kids that had never ridden a Shred Sled before hopped on the deck and (gasp) pushed off, getting a running start at tearing up the streets as if they’d been Shredding it their whole lives.  At least they didn’t laugh at us adults holding onto the van for support or the ones that required a stable buddy to lean on while they learned.  The key point is that eventually we did learn and now are Shred Sledding it up with the kiddos, proving once again that you’re only as old as you play.

Price: $119.99

Looks: Like a whole lotta fun

Overall: Prepare to be the hit of the neighborhood, or maybe just the parent of the year.

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462 thoughts on “Shred Sled Review”

  1. That looks like something my husband would love since he’s a surfer/snowboarder. Me? I would probably break my leg on the first try since I’m not the most coordinated person around. 🙂

  2. The company will ship within 24 hrs via UPS Ground and it should be delivered within 5-7 business days! That’s a great shipping time.

  3. My sons would flip over having one of these! I think that it’s great that they have a cool feel–combination of snowboarding and skateboarding.
    Thanks so much.

  4. I think it’s cool that you Can quickly go uphill. It’s easy
    to propel the SHRED SLED. You don’t even have to push off!

  5. My boys would love this. I like that you can go quickly uphill. I also like that the company stands behind its products and offers a 30 day guarantee.

  6. I like the you can propel the Shred Sled and going up hill is easy! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  7. For the moment, I think I would like to perfect just balancing on the thing. The concave design might make it easier but im not so sure

  8. The concave decks make for better foot control – which is what i’d need if I ever decided to get up on that thing! *lol*

  9. I found out on the site that the concave decks make for better foot control. Let’s hope so as I am a klutz! I looked for safety gear but it is not out yet..but it is coming soon!
    Thanks for a chance at this great product!

  10. I still can’t believe you can actually go UPHILL with this thing! Crazy. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting a Waveboard for the kids for Xmas, but this looks way cooler!!

  11. Says you don’t even have to push off to go up hill…now that is something cool! thanks so much for the chance!!!!

  12. Voted again today! (at least I think I did?! I clicked on the link, but it doesn’t say “you voted” or anything….)

  13. I learned that the 4-80mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 Bearings are SMOOTHER and STRONGER and rarely need to be replaced. If you’re a mom of a skater, you know that not only are the boards expensive, the accessories, like wheels aren’t cheap either. I’d love to give this a shot myself, but I bet my kids would love it even more.

  14. Wow! What a cool toy! I’m amazed to learn that on top of there being 4 in-line wheels, that they each can and will spin 360 degrees. Must be some amazing maneuverability! And it sounds like fun. My little boy might have to fight me to play with it! 😛

  15. I love the fact that the Shred Sled has four inline wheels instead of two.
    That to me means that it is safer and more stable for my children.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  16. “It brings the thrills and carving movements of snowboarding to the streets.”
    This sounds like a lot of fun!! Thanks for the chance to win a great ride!!

  17. My son would love that you can uphill with the shred sled! THanks would be great to win this for him for Christmas.

  18. It brings the thrills and carving movements of snowboarding to the streets.
    Which would be great for my kids since we moved from Ohio to Florida and they can no longer have the fun of being in the snow.
    It would be great exercise for them
    They would be the 1st on their street to shred.
    has more control so I feel less likely for injury’s easier to control.
    Thank you so very very much

  19. My son is an avid skateboarder and surfer and would love this. He’s always wanted to learn to snowboard but living in the south limits that possiblity so I know that the feature of feeling like he’s snowboarding would be desirable to him.
    Pretty cool.

  20. This looks like something my boyfriend would be great at! He was a skater when he was a teenager, and still does from time to time.
    I love the cool sleek look of it.

  21. The Shred Sled ‘Can quickly go uphill. It’s easy
    to propel the SHRED SLED. You don’t even have to push off!’ Awesome!

  22. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Made in America and proud of it. No Chinese crap here! Great product, great contest, thanks!

  23. The company will ship within 24 hrs via UPS Ground and it should be delivered within 5-7 business days! Thanks

  24. The 4-80mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 Bearings are SMOOTHER and STRONGER and rarely need to be replaced.the only move i would perfect would be laying in a hospital bed in traction. LOL my son would love this 🙂

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