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Kokopaxcarrier Babywearing is to thank for at least 90% of our productivity since baby was born.  Hands free snuggling equates to parenting bliss, and as baby neared her first birthday I was terrified that it would all come to an end once baby got too big for the front pack or the carrier got too cumbersome to maneuver around.  Thus began my search for a designated back carrier that would enable me to carry baby around well past her 1st birthday.  The search ended with the adorable Kokopax Carriers and confirmed our love of babywearing has months of good hands-free productivity remaining.

Kokopax was created out of a love of classic backpack style frame carriers and the desire to make them both stylish and hip.  Inspiration for the adorable Kokopax prints came while founder Sara Spoor was visiting a Washington boutique just a ferry ride from Seattle and fell in love with their trendy fabrics.  An idea was born and she went to work designing the coolest and most coveted back carrier on the market.  The result is a fashionable and chic lightweight back carrier that is suitable for everyday use

SmallCarryBag The Kokopax Carrier was our first introduction to frame carriers and now I wonder why we were hesitant to make that leap, as the Kokopax is easily one of our favorite carriers we have ever tried.  The Kokopax arrived packaged nicely and then enclosed in an adorable fabric carrying case, which makes it easy to keep clean and transport in the trunk or store in a closet when not using.  Immediately we tried it out, with baby {safely} helping me cook by drooling on my neck as she slept, something I previously could not enjoy with our front carriers.

CIMG6477_pp_pp For the rest of the night baby did everything with me, strapped on my back and content to be facing forward for the first time ever.  Now that baby can grab nearly everything I can, having her behind me means that I can now safely use both hands without worry and without her insistence of help.  Cute as it may be, sometimes her help is anything but helpful and means that I have to save most of my daily tasks until she is sleeping.  With the Kokopax, I can still interact with her while I clean, cook or help my mom clean out her garage but don’t have to worry about what she’s getting into. 

CIMG6481 pp Since we received it, we have used the Kokopax for all sorts of activities and love it more every time we use it.  Weighing in at approximately 2.7 lbs and with great features like an opening base that allows for easy loading, the Kokopax is perfect for everyday use no matter where your day takes you.  

I found the back carrier to be much easier to maneuver efficiently and I loved how comfortable it was, even for long periods of time.  Their ultra padded shoulder straps and comfortable lower back lumbar support are both easily adjustable to fit a large range of body types.  Hubby and I both were able to use the carrier comfortably with only quick adjustments necessary before we were off.  It did take some getting used to it since I haven’t carried a backpack since early high school, but once I broke in the , I found it to be surprisingly natural.   

Features from the Kokopax website:
• made with 100% cotton canvas
• anodized aluminum frame
• comfortable shoulder straps
• adjustable frame to fit individual user
• padded waist support
• handy storage pocket
• kickstand for easy loading
• 5-pt. safety harness
• ties to secure pax protector™
• toy ring to attach koko™ or other toys
• weighs approximately 2.7 lbs.
• fits in airline overhead bins
• for use from 6 months to 2 years (or up to 35 pounds)
• includes green carry bag


Price: $179.99

Looks: Modern and stylish patterns make frame carriers fun as well as functional

Overall:  Highly recommended for anyone interested in prolonging the babywearing experience

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  1. I was so excited about my Kokopax, but I’ve found it really diggs into my shoulders. Still looking for the perfect carrier/sling/pack…….


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