Then and now: a look ahead into the teen years

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You were the tiniest toddler in the bunch, so alarmingly small that people would stare and ask if you had health concerns. You did, of course, but I would say no just to avoid the conversation that always went the same well-meaning, yet misinformed, way. I was scared to let you out of my sight because your low muscle tone meant you needed me for even the most basic activities, and your low immune system meant that doing things normal kids did was out of the question.Mama kissing toddler

But, even back then you were an unstoppable force, always set on doing it your own way, in your time, and always with a smile. Watching you thrive even when the deck was stacked against you was an amazing thing to watch, and I’m still in awe of how you handled any setbacks with such grace and always with the sunniest of disposition. Even when you were tiny you had unlimited amounts of love to give and you gave it freely, sharing your joy with every single person who happened upon you and leaving a wake of happiness everywhere you went.Mama and kiddo


You are one of the tallest in the school and everyone wants to talk to me about how you’re eventually going to pass me up in height. I smile and nod politely as I watch you deftly scale obstacles that are much higher than I would like, performing acrobatics above my head. You’re asserting your independence these days and there are some afternoons I barely see you. With school, friends, sports and everything else, your schedule fills up so fast these days. That’s why I savor our time that we do have together. I’m forever inspired by your positive outlook as you are bubbling over with excitement telling me about your big hopes and dreams while talking about all the new “firsts” ahead.Mama and tween But, just like back then, I struggle with letting go. It all goes by so quickly. The day will come when you will call for me less and less, and I have to remind myself that you have come so far and accomplished so much, you’ve earned this freedom and independence. Deep down, I know that the coming years are when you will need me the most, and I promise to be there for you and support you in any way that I can.

Navigating the teen years

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What are your favorite memories from the baby and toddler stages? What are you most excited for in the teen years? Share your memories with me and feel free to share the video with your friends and family!

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