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Black-lg I really wish I had found Blush Topless Undershirts when I was pregnant.  I love my Topless Undershirt so much and wear it all the time, making me wish that I had gotten them earlier and used them instead of all the maternity belly bands I tried.  Blush Undershirts are far superior to the stretchy tube design of other belly bands and are infinitely more comfortable. 

The Topless Undershirt by Blush has an a-line flared design that fits virtually any body type and is made out of t-shirt material instead of spandex or nylon, which means it is super comfortable under anything.  What makes it unique is that the top of the Blush Topless Undershirt has a completely sewn in and non-binding elastic that can be worn just under the bust line or lower and then the Blush Undershirt drapes like the bottom of an empire waist shirt – not too tight, not too loose.  Nothing clings, nothing rides, and it feels like you are wearing nothing at all.  It’s the kind of comfortable that you will want to wear everyday, and probably will.

The Blush Topless Undershirt is perfect for shirts that are a bit too short, for maternity sanity, or even for achieving the layered look without the added bulk.  I love my Blush for making any shirt a discrete nursing top and for adding a little flair to just about any outfit.  They come in 6 solid colors, two patterns and 4 lace trimmed designs that can go with virtually any outfit. 

R&R Tip: There are two tabs on the Blush website, one that says “Maternity” and the other is “For Everyone”, but there is only one line of Topless Undershirts.  Refer to the sizing chart on their website to determine which size works best for those with baby and those without.

Price: $15 for solid colors, $20 for patterns and lace trimmed.  I would recommend you get at least one neutral color (with lace or without) and then a fun bold color, or pattern to help spice up any bland nursing wear or regular t-shirt. 

Use coupon code: welovebloggers to get 20% off 2 undershirts or more

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  1. Hi!I love the white with that orange colored sweater over it in the materniy line, its so adorable especially for fall!!!What an ingenius idea..thank you!!

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