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Are you looking for the perfect baby shower, first birthday, christening or new baby gift?  If so, you should definitely check out Fill In The Blankie, the ultimate personalized baby blanket site.  With an incredible selection of fabrics and designs as well as many different personalization options, you are sure to find that perfect blanket for any occasion. 

Now, I know personalization on baby blankets is not exactly cutting edge.  I’m pretty sure that roughly 75% of baby blanket manufacturers offer a personalized option, which usually includes 10-25 characters of personalization space and is just enough room for a name and birthdate if you’re lucky.  Well, lucky for you, Fill In The Blankie is not your average baby blanket company. 

2_ Fill In The Blankie offers an ultra personalized version of the classic baby blanket and something that is sure to become a sentimental keepsake for your lucky recipient.  Instead of just a few characters of personalization space, Fill In The Blankie makes use of the entire edge of the blanket and allows you to personalize all four sides with up to 200 characters.  That’s a lot of personalizing.  It’s so much personalizing that they actually offer a helpful “Text Ideas” page that gives you ideas for personalizing your special blanket.

I’m usually not at a loss for words, but when I was asked to personalize my daughter’s blanket, I drew a blank as to how to fill all four sides.  One side was easy – her full name and birthdate was a given, but the other 3 needed something fun and sweet that she could grow with but was still a representation of our relationship.  In case you aren’t following, that’s kind of a tall order.  I checked out their Text Ideas section and found some really good ideas that I could play around with to create my own messages to baby. 

G72t A few phone calls to hubby later and we had decided on the perfect four messages for baby.  One was sweet and cited a nickname given to her in utero by my sister, the other was a reference one of her “first words”, which was “awww” and was a response to snuggles, and the third is hubby’s favorite play on words, “we love you, Lil Bit”.  I placed the order and waited as patiently as I could while Fill In The Blankie took mere days to process, personalize and ship.  In fact, hubby hadn’t even realized I had ordered it yet and it appeared on my doorstep.  Maybe Fill In The Blankie knows that when you finally decide on the perfect blanket, you’re bound to be as impatient as I was and extremely grateful Fill In The Blankie takes your order as seriously as you do.

G82t When our package arrived, I was thrilled at the soft satin-trimmed blanket and the way that the font and text were fun and unique, but yet still looked classic and sweet.  I even surprised myself by liking that the embroidery is visible on both sides of the blanket: one printed backwards and the other printed correctly.  It adds visual interest on the other side of the blanket and the wrong side out image doesn’t look like the backs of my sewing projects with my hanging threads and numerous “re-dos”; in fact, the backside looks nearly identical to the top side’s print, only backwards. 

Really, there’s not a whole lot not to like about Fill In The Blankie.  Offering some of the cutest fabrics and patterns around and personalization to fit any occasion or recipient, Fill In The Blankie baby blankets are now my go-to baby shower gift for new parents.  Baby’s blanket is soft, cuddly and personalized just for her by her loving parents and the result is a perfect memory of baby’s first year and our first year as parents.  It’s the kind of sweet keepsake that is heart-melting as baby snuggles it now, but when baby is older and I’m packing it up (*sniff, sniff*) it’s only going to be more so.

Price: $39 and up, price varies depending on blanket fabrics.

Looks: From simple to stylin’, there’s a Fill In The Blankie for everyone and every need

Overall:  If you’re looking for the perfect baby gift, you should be looking at Fill In The Blankie

A personal shout-out to Fill In The Blankie for melting our hearts and helping commemorate baby’s first year.

4 thoughts on “Fill In The Blankie”

  1. I absolutely love these and am saving up money to order one for my new nephew. I wish someone had gotten one of these for my son!

  2. I’m really excited to see this one in person. This is a really cute idea. I could see this becoming a tradition.

  3. Stopping by from Top Baby Blogs … I am also in the Seattle area (Eastside) … and I adore your blog! It’s so informative and well-written and delightful (my current fav word!)
    I really love this blanket idea; now I’ll be pondering the perfect saying my my new baby’s blanket 🙂
    I grabbed your button, and I’ll be back.
    I blog at and – if you’re interested and stopping by 🙂


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