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Gone are the days when I would spend my time flipping through magazines and catalogues for me or for the house.  Now, given an extra few minutes, I tend to reach for children’s catalogues more often than my own.  Envisioning all the things baby and I are going to do together once baby can play make believe, I find myself drawn to kids catalogues, dreaming of the relationship I can’t wait to have with my daughter.  Rosie Hippo, a catalogue and internet toy store, offers a vast selection of Earth-friendly toys that are the kinds of things these dreams are made of. 

CIMG6321small We’re talking wooden classic pieces, hand knit items and just about anything you can think of that can spark imaginations and lead to hours of interactive play with your little ones.  I literally could spend hours thumbing through the Rosie Hippo catalogue with baby on my lap, pointing at all the cool toys we both wish she had.  They have arts and crafts supplies, pretend play items, as well as one of the best selections in unique and interesting toys for kids of just about any age. 

When Rosie Hippo saw me on Buzz Mommy and invited me on their blog tour, I absolutely couldn’t believe that I had never heard of their company before.  Rosie Hippo has a huge selection of toys from around the world and they all have the classic toy look and feel, the kind of toys you hand down from generation to generation and the sort that I wish filled baby’s toy box.  Even better, their selection is entirely Earth-friendly and kind to the planet.  If you are looking for eco friendly toys or simply toys that are made of quality materials such as organic fabrics, sustainable woods and reclaimed materials, Rosie Hippo should be your first stop.  With a selection that includes some of the largest toy manufacturers as well as smaller companies and one-of-a-kind originals, I challenge anyone with young kids to not create a long wish-list after viewing their varied assortment of children’s toys.  

CIMG6316small We were sent the Two Monkeys stuffed plush set from Rosie Hippo’s vast Stuffed Animal collection and are thrilled with baby’s new plush companions.  This adorable little set of playmates is made from wool yarn with felt embellishments and is perfect for either displaying (they are that cute) or actual playing (they are that durable) and as the name implies, they come in a set of two.  A set of two that you can either keep together (they do seem pretty chummy) or split between kids if you can bear the tears.  For now, baby and the two are going to hang out and we’ll see if we can pry one away if baby ever has a sibling.     

CIMG6334small Rosie Hippo has a new owner that I hope will eventually lead to a Rosie Hippo catalogue on every parent’s coffee table.  Kim Bloom purchased the company in 2008 after searching for toys that lead to imagination play, says Kim, "Rosie Hippo was perfect –a combination of my love for children, my interest in child development, my creative side, marketing background and business degree.  I love bringing toys and books and music to children that will help inspire them, teach them about the world — issues like diversity, giving, greening — and help instill good values and a foundation from which to grow.”  After leaving the corporate world to focus on parenting and running an independent toy boutique, she has grown Rosie Hippo considerably as well as maintaining her commitment to cancer research foundations, as well as numerous children's, and environmental foundations – even donating a portion of her profits from Rosie Hippo.  And you thought you were busy 🙂

Now here’s something super cool – Rosie Hippo has graciously offered a 15% off coupon for Rave and Review readers: RAVEANDREVIEW0709 (good through 09/15/09)

Now I’m dreaming of all the super cool toys I can get at 15% off….

A big double thank you to Rosie Hippo and Buzz Mommy for introducing me to my newest kid’s toy obsession and for sending the Two Monkeys set for review

Looks: I’m looking for a word that means adorable, only doubled.

Overall: A huge range of toys in any price range makes it my go-to catalogue and website for birthdays, showers and more. 

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