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“Ergo we go”

I had seen the ERGObaby carriers around town for a few months and was always curious about them but I hadn’t realized just how excited I was to try the ERGObaby until I got my own.  Taking it out of the package, I was oddly giddy as I pictured baby and me exploring the wide Northwest with nothing to stop us.  Not only was I correct in how much I was going to adore it, we ended up globetrotting with the Ergo Carrier, sporting it on a fast-paced multi-continent trip that would have been impossible to navigate with a stroller or lesser quality baby carrier.

The Ergo Baby Carrier is truly user-friendly and easy to figure out with no instructions at all.* The design is reminiscent of a backpack, but for babies instead of baggage and with a weight bearing padded waist band to lighten the load.  The straps are also nicely padded and comfortable, making you wonder if ERGObaby would ever be interested in designing a better backpack for us all. 

After tearing open the package, I immediately put it on.  I tried the front carry method initially, securing the waist strap first and then holding baby in it while I put the arm straps on.  After baby was secure, I reached back between my shoulder blades and secured the connecting strap in the back.  Immediately, I was impressed with the fabric of the Ergo Carrier.  It feels like the perfect mix of durability and comfort with a heavy duty design that doesn’t have a heavy duty weight to go along with it. 

Baby snuggled right into me and started sucking on the Ergo straps (you can actually buy optional strap covers for this very reason) while I cleaned the house.  Baby felt 100% secure and I didn’t feel like I needed to keep one hand under her at all times like I do with so many other carriers.  Her weight felt evenly distributed and the carrier didn’t dig into my shoulders, strain my back or hurt my hips in any way.  By the time the housework was done, I was a die-hard Ergo fan.  I still hate laundry, but at least with the ERGObaby I got baby snuggles out of the deal.

The ERGObaby carrier is made from 100% cotton canvas on the outside, padded with 100% cotton batting on the inside and lined with a 100% cotton poplin fabric, making it 100% comfortable.  ERGO also now offers their exact same carriers made with organic fabric for the eco conscious or for those who love the earthy look. 

Granada baby, me and MimeAll their carriers have a very unisex appeal, which made this the first front carrier that hubby would wear as well.  When you’re talking days on end of walking or traveling with a baby, bringing something that you can take turns carrying is the only thing that makes sense.  Not only does hubby happily babywear now that we have the ERGO, he actually looks good doing so.  If it can turn hubby into a happy babywearing dad, it just might do the same for your guy.

When packing for our Europe/Africa trip, we knew that a stroller would most definitely slow us down, and decided that babywearing was by far the better option.  As we discussed baby carriers it was absolutely a given that the Ergo would be joining us on the trip.  Even though when packed the ERGO does take up more room than a simple sling or even a mei tai carrier, you will appreciate every inch of padding and durability the Ergo Baby Carrier provides once you are there.  Image to right is one of us enjoying Grenada together, just me, baby, the ERGO and a Spanish mime.  

Features I love:

* Three carriers in one; with optional infant insert you can carry babies from newborn until 40 pounds.  I plan on carrying baby in hers until she just becomes too heavy for hubby and I, as the fabric and durability is tested to 90 pounds.*  Baby is 16 months now still loves the ERGO, both as a front carrier or back carrier.

* The standard zip pockets on the ERGObaby carrier are just big enough to hold the necessities: a wallet, point and shoot camera and maybe some chapstick, so you can forgo the purse for short jaunts out. 

* I love that you can add optional attachments that convert the ERGO to more of a backpack or day pack, meaning that you can carry baby and your gear at the same time.  Perfect for hiking or long days out where you need your hands free, the ERGO allows you to carry everything safely and securely and is far superior to carrying an additional bag. 

* The ERGO is soft and comfortable with features such as a high density neoprene foam in waist belt that adjusts from waist size 25” to 43”.

* High quality buckles are easy to do one handed, but not placed so that baby can undo them as in other baby carriers.

* Ergonomic design fits anyone from 5’ to 6’5” with their adjustable shoulder and chest straps.

* Extremely durable with reinforcement stitching used at all fabric seams and interior rip-stop reinforcements at critical intersections.

* ERGO Carriers are machine washable, as every good baby product should be.

Features I would love to see on the ERGO:

* I would love a full-coverage hood option as well as the small hood attached to the carrier for providing full sun coverage or discrete nursing coverage.

* Speaking of the hood, it would be great if it did remove completely instead of stuffing into the front pocket of the carrier as it has the potential to look messy or even come unstuffed as you move.

* The ERGO is not my top choice hip carrier, as I found that the idea of sliding the carrier to the side to convert it seemed a bit awkward and it felt like there were just too many straps in the way.  I know others swear by their ERGOs as hip carriers, but I just never got the hang of it and neither did baby.  But, having both front and back options was sufficient for both hubby and I.

Prices range from $105 for the standard carrier to $135 for the organic or fashion carriers. 

Looks: Ranging from earthy to sporty, but equally adorable when you have a sweet baby placed inside.

Overall:  The Ergo is perfect for including baby in all that you do in the most natural and comfortable way.  It does so much more than carry your baby, it allows you to carry your gear, too! 

*I am a professional baby carrier tester with a hubby to oversee my shenanigans and am in no way suggesting that you do not read the instructions on a baby carrier before your first use or that you ignore posted weight limits suggested by a baby carrier. 

A continental sized thank you to the designers at ERGObaby for offering their carrier for review and changing the way we travel with baby forever.  No compensation was received for this review.

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  1. i’ve been hearing about the ergo for a while, so i’m tempted to try it, but was wondering, how did you find the temperature with carrying her in this? i use the moby and love it (and so does the little one) but it gets HOT. i’m wondering if this might be a cooler option or if it’s pretty much the same. have you tried the moby? if so, how do you think it compared for temperature and back support?


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