Beep Beep Slings

Beep Beep Slings

I just love babywearing.  One might call me addicted.  I seriously can’t think of anything better than snuggling your baby while you run errands, take a walk, or just get things done at home.  And, luckily for me, baby completely agrees.  Since baby was just days old I have been slinging her for walks, projects around the house and even at the office.  I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is to hold her close and yet still be able to get things done that require two hands.   

Beep Beep Slings are my new favorite babywearing accessory, beating out all of the other Slings baby and I have test ridden.  Made from beautiful fabrics with a coordinating lining, all of their designs are fully reversible.  Most patterns are lined with a solid interior fabric, which I feel contributes greatly to their man-friendly design.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fabrics they use in their Slings – although they are soft and very pliable, they are also extremely sturdy, which makes babywearing so much easier than I found it with other looser models.   

I must admit, there’s not a whole lot cuter than a daddy and his baby enjoying babywearing together.

The design is simple, a lined pouch-style Sling with absolutely zero parts to break or lose.  I love how simple and straightforward the design is.  It makes me feel safer knowing that there aren’t clasps, buckles, and O rings to break or forget to tighten.  And, the fact that there isn’t any extra fabric and accessories means it doesn’t take up excess room in the diaper bag, allowing you to carry it with you every day – all of which means that you might even have it with you when you really need it.  I can’t even begin to count the items I get with grand intentions only to forget them at home, thus limiting their actual usefulness. 

Even with the simple, easy design I have to admit that I still read the instructions provided, and in doing so, realized that I would have placed baby in the Sling wrong had I not bothered.  The Sling is designed with a seam running widthwise through the pouch that they suggest you line up with baby’s diaper for a better ride.  So, with the seam as a guide, I set baby in.  Perfect!  This was the first Sling I used that actually came with instructions as to where you should put baby for riding.  What I found was that baby rode much taller in the structured Sling pouch than she did in other loose fabric designs and she felt so much more secure to me while wearing her.  I’m not sure if it all can be attributed to the little seam placement trick, but I am now a firm believer.   

Beep Beep’s sizing is just as simple as their design.  You can order either a medium (8-14) or a large (14-16), which is recommended for most males.  We have the large, which is perfect for hubby, but is a little big on me.  Not too big as to not be functional, but my preference would definitely be to wear the correct size.  We tend to buy things in a larger size in general so we can share, as I can still use the items even though they are a bit roomy but the opposite is not true.  The Beep Beep is no exception, and during the course of the day we often switch back and forth on who is babywearing.  This was the first Sling hubby had tried since all of our other Slings are either floral or pink (or both!), so I wasn’t sure how he was going to like it.  Not only did he end up loving the Sling, he was also pleasantly surprised as to how comfortable it is, even for all day events.  The fact that we both agree on a carrier is nothing short of amazing, as I had all but given up on converting hubby into a Sling advocate.  The compact design and the fact that we can both use it means that we can throw the Sling into our daypack and still have space left over for all of the other baby necessities. to read about the company and their line of slings and then visit to purchase within the U.S.

Functionality: Wonderful!  Top pick in the Sling category

Looks: Great design and beautiful fabrics add to the babywearing charm of these pouch slings.

Price: $75 Australian Dollars, which is roughly $45-$50

Rating: 5 out of 5 marks, for an almost flawless design.

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