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The perfect solution for preserving your priceless memories

A few years ago, I got a frantic call from a friend who wanted me to come take pictures of her son immediately.  It turned out her computer had crashed and with it was the first 3 months of her newborn son’s life.  Of course, she had already deleted those pictures off her camera, never to be recovered again.  With this story, I learned my lesson… sort of.  I started making periodic backups of my pictures and spending a small fortune in burnable discs.  Since the sheer volume of pictures I take monthly can fill up CDs and DVDs in no time, I ended up with huge stacks of discs of all of my pictures I backed up each month.  I then had to figure out how to store those discs in the safest way without completely giving up my office.  When one of those discs was horribly scratched and my pictures were unrecoverable, I learned my lesson again…sort of.  It was then that I came up with the plan to just never delete my pictures off my memory cards in my cameras, a plan that hubby detests (loudly) every time he grabs one of my cameras and the memory card is inevitably full.  Not only is it expensive to buy a ton of memory cards, I’m sure you can imagine that this is a pretty inconvenient plan for impromptu photo shoots.

Pklogo And then I found Picture Keeper, a photo storage solution that both hubby and I can agree on wholeheartedly.  My elation when I found Picture Keeper was only one notch below jubilant singing, and about 80,000 notches above how I (and hubby) felt about my previous picture backup system.  Picture Keeper is a truly intelligent image storage device, and something that I think everyone with a digital camera (in other words, everyone but my dear sweet grandma) should own. 

Prod8gb So, what is it, you ask?  It is the roughly the size of a hair clip and looks just like a standard USB flash drive.  But, what makes the Picture Keeper so cool, and why I’m absolutely raving about it, is how it works to save all your precious memories.  Instead of putting in a USB drive and then digging through your photo folders to find all the pictures you have taken since your last backup, just hoping you don’t overlook any, the Picture Keeper automatically searches your computer for picture files and then securely saves them.  Yes, automatically. 

CIMG6081When the Picture Keeper arrived, I did absolutely zero reading of instructions, mostly because the little device simply doesn’t require any instruction at all.  You simply plug it in and it does it all for you.  The first time I connected it to my computer it had its work cut out for it, since it had to search through years and years of photos and files to find all of my images to save (see image on left of a portion of those files it preserved for me).  It took a few hours for the device to pull them all and copy them to the Picture Keeper, which was fine because I had done it right before bed and I let it do its thing while I slept.  When I woke up the next morning I saw the message that all my files had been successfully saved.  Since I’m kind of a Nervous Nelly when it comes to irreplaceable files, I searched through the Picture Keeper device and was thrilled to see that every file was there (yes, I inventoried so you don’t have to).  Then I simply unplugged it and put it in my purse – which is incredibly convenient because now I have the ability to bore just about anyone with my years worth of baby pictures or my trip to Spain, all on a moment's notice. Company beware.  

Since the first download, I have done two other backups and am thrilled at the Picture Keeper service.  All I do is plug in the little device and within minutes it has scoured my computer for image files that are new since the last backup and then it adds them to the Picture Keeper.  No time lost going through files and folders searching for pictures, no worrying I missed important pictures, and no wondering if it was properly backed up because the Picture Keeper does all the work for me.  They even have an email reminder service that sends you an optional message reminding you to back up, taking absolutely all of the guesswork out of saving your pictures.

Once the pictures are backed up on the Picture Keeper, they are easily accessible and organized in their original folders and subfolders.  Genius, really.  The Picture Keeper's file saving program is all run off the USB device, so there are no special programs to download in order for the backup to run.  You can even use your Picture Keeper on multiple computers, which was great so I could collect all my pictures on my laptop and desktop and save them all onto the same Picture Keeper.  I was even able to take my Picture Keeper to work with me and backup all the pictures I had stored on my work desktop throughout the years, all effortlessly and securely. 

Random Rave: As cool as it is to save and store all your pictures, I found myself wishing that I had a Picture Keeper for backing up all my other files.  I'm sort of an Excel junkie, and tend to create mass amounts of data sheets that are as near and dear to me as old friends.  Imagine my excitement to find that the Picture Keeper can even be configured to save my entire collection of spreadsheets or word documents, just by changing the advanced settings on the back up.  I'm. In. Love.


Price: $29.99 and up, depending on storage capability

Looks: Just like it should be, functional and sleek

Overall: The perfect solution for picture storage.  Automatic, easy and secure – what more could you want?

And now for the Giveaway…

The wonderful folks at Picture Keeper have generously offered a Picture Keeper to one lucky Rave and Review reader!  To enter, just visit the site and find out what size you would need to preserve all your precious memories.  Then just come back here and tell me the size you would like and why you're excited about the Picture Keeper.

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Congratulations to Kiley, the lucky winner of the Picture Keeper storage device.  Kiley said:

"I have your button:

246 thoughts on “Picture Keeper Review”

  1. I would need an 8GB! I love that these are so easy to use that you didn’t even have to read the instructions – sounds like my type of gadget!

  2. I couldn’t figure it out but I think I need 8GB. This is exactly why I need this. if anything happened to my computer I would lose a lot of sentimental pictures but I am not sure how to accomplish backing them up.

  3. What a great giveaway! I followed their instructions and I have a bit over 5 gig of pictures, so I guess I would need the 8 gig Picture Keeper. My e-mail is stockingstufferaday at gmail dot com.

  4. I take a LOT of pictures! I would need at least a 16GB, but whoa, a 160GB would be super fantastic!
    Having all my photos in one place and automatically would sure help me organize better. I could spend my time taking more pictures.

  5. I deleted all my pictures from Portugal once 🙁 I think I need one of these to make sure my life is properly documented at all times.

  6. I would want the 8 GB – it would be great to know that my pictures are backed up correctly and it’s really easy to add new ones on!

  7. This would be awsome since we have our first grandchild i would know that all those wonderful pictures would be safe.

  8. I would love a 16GB picture keeper to go with my new digital camera. We have so many pictures of my 5 month old daughter that I would hate to lose!

  9. I would need an 8GB. We were having many problems with our computer this afternoon and I don’t want to lose all of the pictures we have!

  10. The 8 GB would be great. Right now I am storing all of our pictures on TONS of CDS as backup and my computer is super slow. This would be GREAT to have!

  11. I’m cringing: I have 14.8 GB of photos on my laptop. I need the 16GB or PictureKeeper Pro 160 GB. (How come they don’t have anything in between? That’s a huge leap!)

  12. i need the 16! my husband’s into photography so we’ve got lots of pics, it would be nice to have them all backed up because I’m sure he doesn’t!

  13. I need the 8 GB model. I’m afraid of losing all my pictures of my precious children; that’s why I’d love to try this! Thanks!

  14. I think the 8 GB would work nicely. My boss had one, and it held a lot of pics, especially if you compress them beforehand. Also, the one he had played music as well, which I think is great!

  15. I’d need the 16GB model! I love to take pictures, and my fancy-shmancy new camera takes fantastic pictures–but they are (of course) decent-sized files!
    This sounds incredible. I absolutely love this idea–rather than having to note where I left off and hope that I get all the pictures next time I burn DVDs. Wow.

  16. I would need the 16 GB size. This would be a great way of preserving my photos and get them off the computer, taking up all that room.

  17. I would want the 16GB but would settle for the 8GB. I don’t want to be picky. I am a mother of 3 little girls and I snap photos on a daily basis. I cannot believe how many pictures we save to our computer, you never know what could happen to them.
    [email protected]

  18. I would purchase the 8 gb, although tempted by 16 gb! Afterall the 8 gb can hold approx. 8,000 pictures, that is a lot!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  19. I forgot to mention in my earlier post, I have a 3 kids, one graduating from high school and my oldest getting married. Plenty of opportunites for pictures!
    I subscribe to your blog! 🙂

  20. I have a kazillion photos on my computer(ok maybe not quite!). I’d love the 16G model. It’d be awful if I lost photos if my 5 1/2 year old computer dies.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I would need the 8GB picture keeper. And I love the whole idea because my mom passed away in March and I lost a lot of pictures when my hard drive died and had to be replaced.
    And some meoried just cannot be replaced!
    [email protected]

  22. I would definitely need the 8gb. I’m always taking pictures of the kids. This would be great to have so I can store all of the pix in one place!

  23. I would need the 8G size, and I’m excited about Picture Keeper because it sounds simple to use. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I would need the 16gb. I would love to have all my pictures, (or a good chunk of them!), backed up!

  25. The site recommends the 8gb size for me to store my photos and video clips. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  26. I need the 16GB model, I have over 13GB on my computer as of now! This is a fantastic giveaway, thank you so much!

  27. I have about 9gb of pictures now, and I’m ALWAYS taking more, so I would need the 16 gb. It sounds awesome and I love that it is idiot proof….I’m not the most technologically savvy! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. I would need the 16gb. I was very surprised to find that it wasn’t as expensive as I expected it would be. Just under $60.

  29. We need the 8GB right now. This would be wonderful to keep everything in one place instead of spread out over both of our computers.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. To get the actual size that i would need i had to check into the larger option section. Mine would be the 160GB one. But believe me anything would be a huge help lol.

  31. I’d need the 8Gb for now, although I’m sure once baby arrives we’ll need to upgrade! I love Picture Keeper because it’s so reliable – I’ve already had one external HDD backup drive break down (catastrophic head crash, data recovery cost ~$2000), I don’t want to lose any of my photos!

  32. I would need an 8 gig. As of right now I have a little over 6 gigs of pictures and a camera full still..

  33. I’d need the 16GB model for all my photos! I think it’s great that the Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves all your pictures!

  34. It’s hard to use their tool, because I don’t keep anything in MyPictures, hardly. I have all kinds of files for different events, but I’d definitely go for the 16gb because of all the photos I have. If I win, I’ll probably give it to my mom, though, because she has a ton of digital photos, too, and no clue how to back anything up!

  35. It looks like I am going to need the 16GB model. My pictures are stored everywhere and I would like to put them all in one safe place. Thanks for the giveaway.

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