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It’s finally beach season here in the Northwest and oh boy are we excited since we’re surrounded by miles and miles of coastline that’s only good for skipping stones most of the year.  This long overdue heat means that everyone is flocking to the water park, coastline, or swimming pool to cool off and enjoy time with our kiddos.  Unfortunately, with water comes the inevitable wet mess that follows families home after the water adventure ends.  Generation Baby offers a hip, stylish and contained solution to corralling the wet mess and making water fun… more fun.

7228lowres The Generation Baby line is all about functionality for parents on the go, and their Wet Sack is their crowing achievement.  Made of durable and waterproof fabrics, the generous sized Wet Sack is the perfect summertime tool for containing wet clothing, diapers and more and keeping the rest of the diaper bag or suitcase clean and dry.  It even comes with a clipped strap that can easily attach to strollers, backpacks and suitcases so your wet gear is easily accessible.  When the Wet Sack gets dirty (and it will, or you’re not using it correctly) you can just throw it into the wash with the wet mess you’re laundering. 

The Wet Sack is completely waterproof, but that should not be confused with water tight.  I couldn’t get mine to leak while holding soiled of wet clothing, diapers or gear, but you should note that it is not designed for actually filling with water for transport.  I filled mine to the top to see how it handled mass amounts of water and it actually performed pretty well, considering the seams are not sealed.  Even full of water, all I could produce was a trickle of water from the corners.  Not bad.

Features (From Generation Baby’s website):
• Machine Washable/Dry on Low
• Phthalate Free
• Lead Free
• Made with Organic Inks
• Made in Canada
• 12" x 13.5"

Tttt Random Rave:  The Wet Sack can work conversely as well, offering a contained dry bag for when everything’s soggy, sandy or dirty and you need to keep a few things dry and clean.  This is particularly useful for keeping a small change of clothing and a few diapers in for taking to the beach.  When your little one is ready to go home, you simply change them into their clean clothing from the dry bag and then put the wet stuff inside – now becoming a Wet Sack!

http://generationbaby.ca/ or visit their retailers page to see where to find them near you!

Price: $19.99

Looks: Adorable prints make carrying your wet gear stylish and hip

Overall:  Perfect for beach season, vacations, play dates and more!

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