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For a more beautiful and active world


Have you ever put on a pair of sunglasses and the world just looked better?  The grass was greener, the sky was more blue, and everything was more vibrant and saturated.  That is the Julbo trademark and why I am raving about their full line of active glasses for athletes, kids and…. the rest of us.


What is Julbo? It’s French, it’s chic, and it’s about much, much more than good looks.  Like every superior couture brand should be, you will be pleased to note that Julbo is impossible to pronounce (hubby and I are still debating the correct pronunciation, and have finally decided that you just slur everything together in one mishmash of a syllable in the true style of the French)*. 

84f6af2548Founded in 1888 and perfected over three generations, Julbo eyewear has been a leader in eyewear for over 120 years.  I had to double check that fact because it just didn’t seem possible that a company has been doing anything for over 100 years, let alone spending over 100 years making glasses.  Anyone who thinks that sunglasses are something you purchase at the super market when you stop to pick up beverages (I’m talking to you, dear sister) is seriously missing out.   


Julbo Sunglasses has over 120 years of design and science behind them, creating some of the hardest working eyewear in the industry.  From extreme sports to literal and figurative walks in the park, there is a Julbo for everybody.  So, what kind of science goes into creating great eyewear?  No idea.  Maybe ask me again in 120 years.  What I do know is that it would take me far longer than that to create Julbo’s full line of performance eyewear with its features like “Vario Venting” and “Elastomer”, both of which are completely lost on me. 



Features that were not lost on me:  I love their photochromatic lenses that are perfect in both bright sunlight and dark conditions, since you never know where the trail ahead will lead.  I also love their supreme comfort, anti-fog coating, light weight design, and good looks to top it all off.         


I made the mistake of trying Julbo glasses on indoors as I was running out of the house for a bike ride and I wasn’t really paying attention to the way the glasses affected my vision.  When I did finally gather all the 1,000 necessary items for leaving the house all day with the family and made it outside, I marveled at what a beautiful day it was, getting a few funny looks from the other bikers.  When it started to rain a few miles in, I took off my glasses to wipe the raindrops and that’s when I realized it was a horrible, grey day.  The kind of gloomy Seattle day that put us on the map and keeps the umbrella permanently in your handbag.  I carefully wiped the lenses and immediately put them back on – I wanted to at least pretend it was a beautiful day. 


And it was a beautiful day and a wonderful ride… or at least it was to me in my Julbos.  The rest of the riders faced a gloomy, grey day with a 100% chance of rain. 


The models I reviewed:


Julbo Tracks Light Sunglasses



Designed for superior protection while enjoying the great outdoors, the Julbo Tracks Light sunglasses are perfect for biking, hiking or every day sun while retaining the style of fashion eyewear.  With a wide field of vision and a minimalist design, these little wonders looked great on every family member that tried them and were universally hailed as comfortable.  How many pairs of glasses can you say that about?  I firmly believe that this is where 90 years of their design efforts were dedicated.  At least. 


Tracks Light Specs, compliments of JulboUSA.com:


Flex Nose – Adjustable nose piece for perfect fit, adherent material for optimal hold in all situations

Vario Venting – Adjustable ventilation to adapt to various conditions and/or sports

Light Grip Tech – Elastometer insert at stem ends

Curved, wrapping temples shaped and cut for better hold

Panoramic, photochromic Zebra lenses.


                                                            Julbo Motion Sunglasses


Julbo-motionThe ultimate in sleek, unobtrusive eyewear, Julbo Motion Sunglasses have gotten rid of (almost) everything but the lenses themselves.  Weighing in at a mere eight grams, you will have to blame something else for your weariness at the days end.  Perfect for active sports which require a helmet or other headgear, such as biking, skiing, rock climbing or playing tennis with someone way more skilled than yourself. 


Julbo Motion Sunglasses are designed with elastic cording that loops around your ears instead of traditional ear pieces, and once properly fitted, are nearly impossible to shake off even with vigorous activity.  At first I didn’t realize that the elastic loops were adjustable and could be customized.  Although they surprisingly fit me straight out of the package, they didn’t fit everyone who tried them and I had almost given up on sharing these little gems.        


A radical departure from eyewear as I know it, I was a bit skeptical at first, but found they were surprisingly comfortable and natural feeling as I rode, even for long distances.    By eliminating the external sunglass frame and most of the sunglass arm in trade for the elastic ear piece, it is easy to forget you are wearing them at all – except for the fact that you can actually see in the sun.  


Julbo Motion Specs, compliments of JulboUSA.com:


Panoramic, photochromic Zebra lenses

Wrap around shape for exceptional comfort and viewing


* Please do not comment and let me know how to truly pronounce Julbo – it would ruin the allure.  Besides, I have a feeling hubby is correct on the pronunciation and no one wants to add fuel to that fire.


www.julbousa.com for their full line of eyewear


Price: $45 and up, with most models falling the mid range of $60 – $80


Looks: Ranging from athletic to chic, varying tremendously by model and use.


Overall: French flair and flawless design with years of expertise that makes you confident of your purchase. 


Thank you to Julbo for sending these awesome models for review.  Our world looks brighter now thanks to you.

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