Julbo Looping Sunglasses for Infants and Toddlers

Recommended for all babies 0 – 18 months

Dbc7118211When I first found out I was pregnant, hubby wanted to buy our little offspring a pair of these ingenious little Looping Sunglasses for kids.  I left him alone at an REI for a little over a half hour and when I returned, these Julbos were one of three items our baby just had to have.  They can be put on in any direction (i.e. there is no upside down) and there is no way to wear them incorrectly, which is great since given the chance, kids almost always put things on backwards as they learn to dress themselves.  It defies all laws of statistics, but it’s true. 

Surprisingly, they look adorable no matter which way they are pulled on and offer 100% UV protection for our little ones’ delicate eyes.  Yes, that’s right, I said 100% protection.  I had forgotten that things could actually be 100% effective, as I’m used to the 97.5% effective (or worse) disclaimer that accompanies almost everything.  But not these little Looping SunglassesThey are created with the same science and technology as their adult counterparts, but with kids 100% in mind and are adorable, effective and extremely durable.   

JulbobabyHaving watched my sister’s children destroy numerous pairs of sunglasses as infants with their playful curiosity (and probably why she shops at supermarkets exclusively for her sunglasses), I was thrilled that Looping Sunglasses for infants and toddlers have no hinges and are super flexible.  Made of soft and flexible rubber and plastic, Kids Looping Sunglasses are extremely comfortable and wonderfully pinch-free.  Even though the glasses are bendable and (almost) unbreakable, they still retain their curved and fitted shape nicely to stay on your little one’s head, because we all know that sunglasses do no good if they won’t stay on. 

If you need a little help holding the Looping Sunglasses on, you will be as pleased as I was to find that they come with a removable elastic strap to help keep them on until your little one is able or willing to keep them on without help.  Tip from the frontlines:  Even after they stay on securely without a strap, the elastic should be retained for high action sports and activities when glasses could jar and disappear forever into Lake Chelan*, which is now home to over four pairs of my immediate family’s eyewear, among other miscellaneous belongings.      

While Julbo can’t help keep track of all your infant’s easy-to-pull-off belongings, they can help keep your baby’s glasses where they belong.  These little Looping Sunglasses will absolutely win your heart – all while offering 100% protection for your little one and leaving you to actually enjoy the sun together.


Price: $32   

Looks: Super cute spectacles for your super cute kiddo

Overall: Settling the score between our family and kids sunglasses once and for all.  

Thank you to Julbo for sending Looping Sunglasses for baby to help review. 

*As in one of the deepest lakes in the U.S.  That’s a fun fact for you to think about while you helplessly search the surface of the water for items that are sink-tastic (hubby coined that term the summer we lost that one sandal that was remarkable in every way but its buoyancy)

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