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ABEO shoes side 6a0105362badb1970b01b8d26a17bd970c-800wiYou guys, I have seen the future of footwear. And, that future is amazing.

Imagine a world where you take a few minutes to stand on a sensor and a computer magically tells you not only your size, but also your specific fit needs. This world exists, and it’s just as amazing as it sounds. The high-tech computer system gives information about your arch height, walking style, and the balance of your step, which the ABEO program then uses to customize your footwear experience in a whole new way.

Yes, I said customize. ABEO shoes on side

In 2010, ABEO B.I.O. system technology {or footwear with built-in orthotics} was born. Using digital technology, it provides a 3-dimensional fit right in the store. With the help of trained ABEO techs, such as the great folks at The Walking Company, you can customize any shoe in the ABEO line. The Walking CompanyFrom special insoles in the various fits and even available in different materials, to sandals that come in numerous footbed options, there are ways to customize your footwear so it is fit just for you. You just pick your favorite styles and their techs do the rest, bringing you out separate shoes, insoles, and footbeds for you to try on based on the information given by the computer. ABEO insoleThis process effectively learns your feet and customizes your fit, but also allows for you to make any modifications you would like based on personal preferences and the advice of your tech. It’s just 3 steps to total comfort customization.20170227_abeo5I was happy I had Allen’s help from the Northgate Mall The Walking Company to guide me through the process the first time. I instinctively felt bad about how many shoes, insoles, and footbeds that he brought out for me to try in my size based on my scan, but that really is the beauty of the process. Once you know your preferences, it’s exponentially easier to buy shoes, boots and sandals… forever. Like I said, the *future of footwear*. The Walking Company shoesWhile this is, of course, lots of fun to have technology help guide you through the shoe buying experience, it also makes it so that their shoes are truly comfortable straight off the shelves. Imagine never again having to deal with all of these products again…. giving up moleskin, blister band-aids, and special foot care first aid that you have to carry along with you each day.ABEO Footcare No shoe break-in routine that lasts for months, or even years without ever letting up or getting comfortable enough for all-day wear, and no donating shoes after one or two wears because they didn’t work out. Nope, with ABEO you can be comfortable and confident knowing that you are wearing the perfect shoes for your activity and foot type.

Allen helped me find a wide range of footwear that all fit perfectly, and the only thing I needed to do was find the style I liked best. How awesome is that? ABEO shoes bare legsI decided on a fun summer-ready sandal called the Bridgette that is perfect for wearing with skirts and pants, which is ideal for our unpredictable PNW weather that will have us going from sweaters to short sleeves for weeks before real summer hits. Because they are so versatile, I absolutely adore that they are also supremely comfortable for walking and thus are made for most of our daily activities. ABEO shoes by box 2Last summer brought about tons of foot problems with plantar fascitis and I vowed to never let that happen again with ill-fitting flats, flip flops, and shoes. I’m happy to say that I’m already making good on that promise to myself and I’m making choices that won’t just make summer more enjoyable, but also the health of my feet going forward. ABEO sandal backSee that natural cork sole? It’s just as comfortable and shock-absorbing as you imagine, in addition to supporting my foot and my arches and molding to my foot as I wear it for the perfect fit. ABEO sensorAnd, when I’m ready for fall shoes or some flats for traveling this summer? You can bet I’m going to be returning to ABEO to find that perfect fit, which is going to be be an even quicker experience going forward now that I already know what my preferences are. Imagine going in with a shoe “prescription” and walking out with custom fitted shoes in just minutes; with ABEO it really is that easy. ABEO scanMy husband joined me in doing the ABEO scan, and we found out that he has an extremely high arch, even higher than mine. This makes sense why he is known for being notoriously picky about shoes. But, with the ABEO scan, he was super impressed with the ABEO style as well as the custom fit. It was hard for him to walk out of there without these awesome sneakers that can be dressed up or down.ABEO mens shoesIf you are in the Seattle area, stop on into the Northgate Mall and visit Allen and his team at The Walking Company. Even if you don’t end up with a pair of ABEO shoes {but I hope you do!}, you will learn a whole lot about your feet, the way you walk, and footwear options that will keep you active and healthy all year round. Not in Seattle? Don’t worry, because there are lots of ABEO retailers you can visit to get your scan and enjoy the pure comfort of customized ABEO footwear.  ABEO shoes by boxThen you can say goodbye to all your foot problems and your first aid kit full of “solutions” in favor of a shoe that is perfectly comfortable right off the shelf. Visit and check out all their various styles for both men and women and pick your favorites.ABEO comfort straight out of the box

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  1. I purchased 2 pair of abeo shoes one called magic. The shoes are not true to size, very narrowly cut and super uncomfortable. I could not return because I purchased on clearance. Buyer do not buy without trying them on.

  2. Where can I get my feet scanned in Australia. I’m on the Gold coast. Williams shoes sell you shoes but I don’t th they have a scanner .


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