One of a kind Jeep Ride Experience at the Seattle International Auto Show

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I don’t remember exactly when my 6 year old son became obsessed with cars, and specifically Jeep, but it was somewhere in toddlerhood. Since that time he has reminded me every few weeks that he wants a Jeep when he gets older and then rattles off his preferred specs. I’ve been dying to get him in a newer Jeep for years now, and the perfect opportunity finally presented itself this week thanks to the Seattle International Auto Show. Wp_ss_20161113_0004_(2)[2]

Jeep familyDuring the auto show, Jeep hosted an amazing ride experience right outside Century Link Field. The unique ride and drive track wasn’t a simple loop around the parking lot, it was an intense off-road inspired course that showed show goers all that a Jeep can handle. It turns out that they can handle a lot, and it made for a really fun driving experience that the whole family hasn’t stopped talking about. Jeep ride along
We got to pick from the Renegade, Cherokee, Wrangler, and Grand Cherokee in Jeep’s line to see how their different models handled rough terrain, slanted surfaces, and steep inclines. Because we couldn’t pick just one, we picked to go in all of Jeep’s lineup and try them out in simulated rough terrain like we might find in the Pacific Northwest. Jeep trackIt was a ton of fun hopping in and out of vehicles and taking them for a spin, and I was thrilled to see all the technology that goes into making a Jeep not only fun to drive, but also super safe. And, being that I don’t off road every day, I loved seeing that there are presets that can help you navigate everything from asphalt to hilly and muddy trails. Jeep passengersI’d never actually considered a Jeep for myself until I saw how easy it was to pick the setting for the situation and then let the car do all the work. And it was especially impressive to see how the whole range of vehicles could easily handle the same terrain as the historic Wrangler we all know so well.  Jeep Ride ExperienceCheck out our video showing just how much fun we had test driving and seeing what all Jeep can do. There may have been some squealing involved, but I promise you that it was all happy squeals.

My car boys normally have a blast at the Seattle Auto Show, but this year may never be topped, ever. The Jeep Ride Experience was basically the coolest thing my son could have imagined, and he’s even more resolved that someday he’s going to own a rugged Jeep that he can really take off road in the Pacific Northwest. He might even let me borrow it, which I would definitely like to do. Jeep Rubicon

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