Take relaxing outside to a whole new level with the Tentsile T-Mini double hammock

Tentsile family hammock
I will never forget when I saw camping hammocks for the very first time and realized that it might be possible to go camping without all the things I hate about camping. No cold and bumpy ground, no worrying about strange bugs and pests crawling in, and no tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable.

Tentsile makes lust-worthy hammock tents that combine the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the multi-person-occupancy of a tent, but they also make non-tent hammocks as well. Their idea is to create living space while suspended between the trees using three anchor points, and their hammock is just another way to enjoy the elevation while relaxing in comfort. Tentsile familyWe got to check out the Tentsile T-Mini Double Hammock this month, and it was perfect for hanging out outside even though the ground was damp from all the rain we get this time of year. Tentsile relaxing

Being able to suspend ourselves over the wet and rocky ground was perfect because it gave us a comfortable and relaxing place to sit or lay without worrying about getting wet. The bonus was that we got to enjoy this view while we chatted, which is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Tentsile view
Before we even started setup, I already loved that the T-Mini hammock and accessories all came in a handy and rugged travel pouch with handles. This makes it easy to take with you on the go, keep in the car, or simply store in between seasons as well as carry with you wherever you need it. Tenstsile in bag
Even though I was a bit worried about my set up skills, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the Tentsile T-Mini was to hang. Having watched the video previously, I knew that having the correct tension between the trees was important, and I was apprehensive about having to get it perfect before we could use it. Tentsile loopsAnd, while the hanging of the T-Mini definitely has a learning curve as you figure out how to do the correct knots, the ideal height off the ground, and how to adjust tension, it was actually quite fun to hang. We got it up and hanging in the tree within 15 minutes, and that time was mostly spent looking up the instruction manual online since ours didn’t come with one. Tentsile connectionsAt first when we laid out the parts, it seemed like we were missing pieces and I remember thinking that it didn’t seem possible that this was all that was needed to suspend the tent. It seemed like we would need caribiners, the other ratchet straps, and more clips, and I had a moment of wondering if we would be running home for those pieces from our collection. Luckily, everything you need is included and actually hanging the hammock is as easy as perfecting two knots and then figuring out the Tentsile ratchet connector. Tentsile knotAfter adjusting the tension a few times and changing the height of the hammock by about a foot, our hammock was all ready for fun. Tentsile clipThe whole family was in love with the Tentsile hammock, and we had a blast taking turns relaxing while we were at the park. This is a park we go to numerous times a month, but never have we had such fun way to enjoy it. Normally, we wipe off a park bench or picnic table and sit uncomfortably while we watch the kids play, but being able to relax and watch them was much more enjoyable. Tentsile kidsOnce the kiddos realized we were having more fun than they were, the Tentsile quickly turned into a treehouse that they were using as part of their game. The play involved an elaborate tree house that their T-Mini was part of, and I couldn’t help but wish that I had had a play hammock when I was little. Tentsile underneathWe had had this perfect collection of three trees in our childhood backyard that would have made the most amazing {and comfortable} tree house anywhere, or we could have added multiple Tensile units and made a whole tent/hammock village in the trees, reminiscent of the Ewok tree village on Endor. Tentsile baby
Ironically, this Ewok village is where some of the inspiration for Tentsile began for its founder, and my love of all things Ewok is probably why I’m so drawn to the idea of tree living. Tentsile on treeThese tensioned tree structures aren’t just perfect for
actual camping, they are also amazing for outdoor activities, photo sessions, concerts and festivals, picnics, sport parents, mountain or beach retreats, hanging out at the park, creating a haven in your backyard, or relaxing under the stars. And, you can even use it right on the ground if you’d like, which makes it the perfect place to sit at the park, lake, or just playing outside with kiddos.
Tentsile on the ground

Find out more about the Tentsile company and all the cool products they have for all your outdoor activities. Their tents and hammock would make an awesome gift for the adventurer on your list, or you can add it to your own wish list. 

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