Bring home the magic with Pete’s Dragon on DVD and Blu-ray today

Sponsored postPetesDragon56cab30c690feWhen I think of my kids getting older, what gets me most emotional is thinking of the magic of childhood being over. Throughout the years of parenting, that childhood magic and wonder had made even the mundane a little more special. There is something really amazing about watching the magic of childhood right in front of you, and it makes me long for that type of magic in my everyday life.

Product_petesdragon_bluray_c4899a12So, when choosing films, TV shows, and books to read with my kids, I err on the side of magic. And, since my son is obsessed with dragons and hasn’t stopped talking about seeing Pete’s Dragon in the theater, I knew that this DVD was one we were going to have to own. Honestly, it was pretty much made for families like mine that love magic and fantasy, but can’t handle films that are so unrealistic that they become unwatchable to anyone under the age of 10.

After being away for a few months, it was really fun to return to the world of Pete’s Dragon and experience the magic for a second, third, and fourth time this year. The cinematography of the sun drenched fields, rolling hills, and beautiful old-growth forest is just amazing and it is fun to return over and over again. The kids immediately recognized the film as being set in the PNW, and now whenever we’re in the forest they love to imagine themselves becoming one with nature along with the characters in the film and having their own dragon friend.

There is something inherently magical about believing in something you cannot see, whether it’s a dragon friend or believing that Pluto does exist somewhere in outer space. There are some things you can believe on face value, some things that require critical thinking, and others that require a level of trust in others. Believing in something you cannot see requires a good dose of that trust, and the story of Elliot is a good reminder that there is so much of our world that we don’t yet understand. It’s good to remember that even when something seems farfetched, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.PetesDragon576027aa39b0bThere was one specific line of the film that really resonated with me and I have thought of over and over since we saw the movie this summer. When talking to his daughter, Grace, Mr. Meacham tells his tale of meeting the dragon years ago and he says that experiencing that magic changed him and the way he saw the world forever, and it even changed how he saw his beloved daughter. I love that sentiment and it’s a great reminder that a little magic can change your life. I know it has mine, and for that I’m very grateful.

Bring home a little of that magic with Disney's Pete’s Dragon today, November 29th. You can find it at retailers everywhere as well as online. 
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