Amazing battery operated candles from Luminara

Affiliate linksLuminara candle up closeThere was a time when I lit candles each night while we were dining, watching TV, or just hanging out with friends to add a little ambiance. Now, I'm lucky if my meal is timed right so we can all eat at the same time, and by the time I flop down to watch TV for the day, the last thing I'm thinking about is lighting candles that I could potentially forget about if I fall asleep on the couch {which, I do 90% of the time}.

After having tried numerous other electronic candles, I found myself unimpressed with every single one I tried. They just didn't look like real candles when they were on, and I realized a lot of what I loved about real candles was the flicker of the flames, not just the light of the candle itself. Even when I tried "flicker" electronic candles, they just felt so fake.

But, then I found Luminara candles. I first found the candles at Pottery Barn and bought three with a gift card. Once I had a few of them at home and saw how beautiful they were placed throughout the house, I was addicted.

Luminara candle from top
The Luminara line includes a collection of moving wick candles that really, truly looks like a real flame when it's on. Since the wick moves like a real flame and the light also flickers a bit, the result is so realistic that we've had numerous guests wonder if our electronic Luminara candles are too close to other decor and offered to move them. The look on their face when we tell them they are battery operated is just classic, and they all go up to the candles to inspect and admire them.

As cool as the realistic "flame" is, my favorite feature about the Luminara candles is that they are literally effortless. You can control them by remote that you purchase separately, you can turn them on an off on the bottom, or you can use my favorite feature: the 5 hour timer. Luminara bottom of candleSimply slide the tab to "timer" on the bottom and the candle will turn on and then stay on for 5 hours before it automatically turns itself off. Every day at the same time it will turn off and on, and I get to just enjoy the glow of candles without ever having to think about lighting them or blowing them out.

After we fell in love with the Pottery Barn Luminara candles, we expanded our collection with a Luminara set from Amazon and then the Bed Bath & Beyond versions. Although our favorites are the Pottery Barn versions because of their premium look, we love all the Luminara candles we've tried, and for the price you can't beat the Amazon electronic candle sets from Luminara.

If you have tried flameless candles with disappointing results, give Luminara a try. We absolutely love the look of our living room ever since we tried the candles, and they add so much to the feel of the room. The fact that they turn on and off automatically makes them the perfect amount of work for me, and I love that there are so many ways to decorate with them without having to actually worry about open flame.

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