The Rockboard RBX scooter is a rocking good time

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During the spring, summer, and fall, we’re on our bikes and scooters just about every day. Whether it’s a park date, just a way to get some energy out, or we’re on our way to friends or out to eat, bike and scooter is just the way we roll.

Since we’re on scooters so often, we’re always excited about trying new models. And, with so many options these days to choose from, this is a fun time to be a kid – or a kid-at-heart. Rockboard successOur latest obsession is the Rockboard RBX scooter that is unlike anything else we’ve ever tried. Instead of a traditional flat, kick scooter, the Rockboard has a rocking base. We’re not talking a slight rocking motion, this scooter base moves by inches, which is why it’s rated for ages 8 and up.

Rockboard with shoes
So, what does this rocking motion do for your ride? A whole lot, that’s what. The rocking motion propels the scooter with each motion using what they call Advanced Rockboard Propulsion Technology, which allows it to reach speeds up to 10mph. Rockboard scooter cruisingThis may not sound fast, but when you’re on the scooter, it feels like the exhilaration of going downhill, without ever having to venture off flat ground. This harnessing the energy of the rocking Rockboard deck allows you to use less energy than a traditional kick scooter and not require one foot always be ready to push off, and it gives a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to scooter riding. Rockboard disassembledWhen our Red Rockboard RBX arrived, it was just minutes until it was all put together and ready to rock. Since our daughter is on the younger side of the age range and the scooter is rated for a whopping 220lbs, that meant that hubby and I both *had* to try it out first and get a handle for how it works and how to help her learn to use it. Rockboard riding on sidewalk
While this trial run started out as a way to learn the scooter, pretty quickly hubby and I were taking turns zooming down the sidewalk and having a blast. When she started questioning if all this “testing” was really necessary, we finally agreed to let her have a go at it.   Rockboard scooter running alongIt was just a few seconds to adjust the telescoping handles to her height, so she could ride safely. We were really happy to see that the handle has a nice adjustment range from 36″ to 46.5″ to accommodate adults and shorter children and it’s really well built and sturdy. Rockboard scooter with kidAfter showing her how to ride it, it only took a few minutes for her to be able to ride alone. She’s still pretty cautious on it, but I think that more has to do with the higher height of the scooter than it does the difficulty to ride. Being up that high definitely felt weird for me as well, but after riding it for a bit I was able to get past it and just enjoy flying down the sidewalk with a few rocking motions. Rockboard scooter close upThen, of course our son wanted to try it, so we started him out slow and worked with him for awhile. He's still not ready to take off on his own, but he's having fun while we're able to really supervise him, and I'm happy with that. 
Rockboard scooter learning We even got talked into this, but don't worry, they weren't even moving. She really, really thinks she's a big kid. Rockboard babyWhile the younger two still have a while before we let them off on their own, my daughter is almost ready. We just need to get her used to not having a foot ready to brake or step off while riding. Since the RBX uses both feet to rock back and forth, that means you don’t have a foot on the ground at all times, and you have to heavily rely on the rear-mounted brakes. This transition was even an adjustment for me, but I know it will get easier each time we take it out and get better at riding. Rockboard scooter with daddyThe only real downfall of the Rockboard RBX is that it’s not very easy to transport it due to its heavier weight {16lbs} and the fact that it doesn’t fold down compactly. But, if you’re not planning on hauling it around town with you in a car and instead are riding it, it’s a fun little scooter that can get you where you’re going, fast.

So, let those other kids get a battery or gasoline powered scooter that sounds like a rocket taking off. Your kids will be the ones that are enjoying higher scooting speeds while still getting a fun workout at the same time – and you will be seen as parent of the year.

See for yourself why we’re raving about the Advanced Rockboard Propulsion Technology of the Rockboard Red RBX and order yourself one today. The Rockboard RBX comes in red, blue, or black and can be purchased on Amazon.

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  1. My son just got one and it is so much fun! I tried it and man,you really feel like you are flying! I love that I can use it too because I am just a big kid,lol!


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