Talk to a doctor online 24 hours a day with Amwell {plus coupon code!}

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Finally, you have doctors on your schedule with Amwell. You will never again have to Google symptoms and mom-diagnose or sit in an ER all night. No need to rearrange your schedule to make the only appointment available or waiting weeks without getting seen. And, no piling kids into the car and sitting in traffic, no masks to cover coughs or hand sanitizer to keep healthy kids healthy, and no keeping kids entertained while in the waiting room or in the office before the doctor has time to see you.

Chicco NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding & Soothing System grows with baby

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Chicco NaturalFit bottleWhen I was pregnant with my first child, I was on a forum with other expecting moms where we would share our excitement and fears about motherhood. Of all the things that stressed us out about bringing our children into the world, one of the main concerns was feeding our children. Even though we were a mixed group with about half planning on breastfeeding and the others planning on formula, we all agreed that finding a bottle that would work for us and for baby was top of our list of must-haves.

Fast forward 7 years and now all of those ladies I met in the pregnancy forum are experienced moms of more than one child. But, do you want to know the one thing we message each other about the most often? Bottles. Crazy, right? Whether it’s concerns about baby not taking a bottle for girls night out or it’s a big life event such as returning to work or health issues, all of us have struggled with finding the perfect bottle at some point.

We’ve traded bottle brands to try, we’ve shared pictures of our kids using different types, and we’ve ranted about more bottles than I can count. So, when I found Chicco NaturalFit® recently and loved what I saw, you can bet I shared it with the group.

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Less is more with natural options to help children feel better from Little Remedies

Sponsored postMy grandma used to have one present she always got for every new baby in the family: Gripe Water. As the mom of 7 kids, grandmother to 12, and great-grandma to 13 {and counting}, she knows a thing or two about babies. Specifically, she knows that if baby ain’t happy, no one’s happy. She knows that at 1am that Gripe Water is going to be worth its weight in gold. Little Remedies gripe waterAs the mom of a new baby, I can definitely agree. And, while my baby is admittedly very easy going and has a naturally relaxed demeanor and a crazy amount of patience for her older siblings’ shenanigans, when she has an upset stomach, watch out.

That’s where Little Remedies products come in. Made to support the health and well-being of infants and children, Little Remedies believes that "less is more" and they make each of their products with the fewest and most natural ingredients. They do this without sacrificing the product’s effectiveness, so you get the best for your baby to help them feel better fast. No artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no alcohol, saccharin or preservatives. Little Remedies helps them feel better fastThat is why they say Everything they need. Nothing they don't.® Created by a father who struggled to find an effective product for his kids that contained ingredients he could feel good about, Little Remedies® products were designed to soothe and comfort your precious little ones without having to sacrifice.

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Create a Mickey-inspired Disney Baby basket

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MagicBabyMoments #CollectiveBias  DIY Disney Baby BasketThere has been a big baby boom recently, and just in our family alone we have welcomed 4 babies in the past year. But, while all babies are celebrated, only first babies get a big baby shower with extended family and friends, second {and third, and fourth} babies get what is known as a Meet & Greet.

Never heard of a Meet & Greet? It’s basically the answer for the non-baby shower that takes place after the baby is born to celebrate each birth and to introduce them to the family. Where baby showers focus more on the pregnant woman and showering the parents to be with presents, the Meet & Greet is more about the baby.

But, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a present or two. It’s for these occasions that I love the welcome baby basket. Instead of bathtubs and baby gear that the parents likely got with the first baby, the baby basket is more about items that often need replaced after each child like sippy cups, baby care kits, bibs, utensils and blankets. Of course, there has to be one or two fun things for the baby, too, like the awesome Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Cloud B lamp and a blanket. Disney Baby items

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Neposmart: the customizable and wireless camera system that grows with you

Sponsored post Control and monitor your home with NeposmartThe sound of little feet running around the house can be quite comforting, but it’s pretty awful when those sounds are followed by a loud thump or crash. This is why as soon as our kids were mobile we started looking into cameras to use throughout the house to better keep an eye on the kids – day and night.

What started off as a baby monitor search has morphed into a search for a camera system that can be used well after the baby stage to keep our whole house secure. With break-ins becoming more and more commonplace, we wanted something that would allow us to watch our home, even when we were across the country.

Our search led us to the Neposmart IP camera system, which was the only system we found that had everything we were looking for and more. This is far more than just a wireless home security camera; the Neposmart is an intelligently designed system you can operate remotely via your smartphone to survey and interact with your home.

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Galt Toys Playnest & Gym: the perfect foldable and portable activity center

Sponsored postIf you knew any of my children as babies, you know how much they hated to be set down on their backs. All three of them were the happiest, smiley-est babies until you would dare set them down flat on their back as experts recommend. Needless to say, “back is best” is not a common phrase around here.

But, what’s a busy mom to do that sometimes needs use of both hands and can’t wear her baby 100% of the time? She gets this: Galt Playnest featureThis, my friends, is a happy baby in the Galt Playnest & Gym – Farm. This educational and colorful multi-sensory activity center gives me the perfect place to set baby down without having to listen to her increasingly louder objections. I dare say she even {gasp} enjoys the Playnest, and I hope this love continues to grow during all the stages of play.

This peaceful moment brought to you by Galt Toys. Galt Playnest moment

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Mustela products are now available at Walgreens {enter to win}

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Mustela. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.”
Mustela at WalgreensWhen I was pregnant with my oldest, I found Mustela prenatal products at a specialty store in the Seattle area and fell in love. I ended up using the line through both pregnancies and still use many of the products to this day because I love the scent of their creams and lotions so much.  Mustela 9 monthsIt wasn’t until my daughter was a few months old that I heard about the Mustela Bébé line from her pediatrician. It was then that I embarked on a multi-store hunt to find Mustela products that ended with me ordering online out of frustration.

So, I was thrilled as I was shopping a few weeks ago and saw that my local Walgreens carried the line as well as some of the prenatal line. With baby’s arrival becoming more and more real, I’m starting to stock up on the essentials in preparation, and one of the essentials for me is Mustela – for me and for baby.

Mustela has been the skincare expert for babies and mothers-to-be for over 60 years and is the #1 Baby Care and Stretch Marks Brand in Europe. But, up until now it was somewhat difficult to find it in-store in the States. I’m very grateful that just in time for my shopping for baby, I can now pick up Mustela products when I pick up family prescriptions, our household items, and our health and beauty items.

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Corolle Dolls for your beach babies

Sponsored postOur vacations almost always include water, which isn't that surprising considering we're literally surrounded by water here in the northwest. We spend our summers with our toes in the sand, splashing in the sound, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The one problem with spending so much time at the beach is that there are certain things that just aren't beach-friendly, like electronics and toys with small parts. Thank goodness that Corolle dolls, which are one of my kids absolute favorite toys, are definitely water-ready, as long as you know which dolls to choose. The perfect Corolle babySince the kids can't go on vacation without bringing a baby, I was really excited to learn that we already owned a few water-approved dolls in our Corolle nursery. Whether you go with the soft bodied Tidoo dolls or with Emma and Paul, there are multiple options for your beach babies to play down by the water, including some awesome water and sand accessories to really enhance the doll play.

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Johnson’s shares their Promise To Baby

Sponsored post basic disclosureWhen I was expecting for the first time, my husband and I were beyond thrilled. We did all the first-time parent stuff like pregnancy journals, maternity pictures, and we busied ourselves getting ready for baby by decorating the nursery and washing all the little clothes.

One day, when we were dreaming of life with baby, my husband admitted that even more than little baby clothes and nursery decor, he was excited about the smell of Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Even though it had been a good 15+ years since I had used Johnson’s Baby products at that point, just the mention of the smell of the shampoo immediately brought me back. Johnson's Baby Shampoo

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Getting a PowerUpgrade with Philips Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrushes


PowerUp Toothbrushes
You know what you can’t do while brushing your teeth? Talk, clean, answer toddler questions, cook, do your taxes or pay bills. Is it any wonder that I love brushing my teeth? I look forward to shrugging and giving the “I can’t answer you right now” look for a few minutes each morning and night so I can escape into my own thoughts. It’s the small things, really.

So, how could I possibly make my “me time” even better? With a PowerUpgrade, of course. This month, I got to ditch my old manual toothbrush in favor of something more powerful, more effective, and much more beautiful: a Philips Sonicare PowerUp electric toothbrush.

Is it okay that I admit I was unreasonably excited about going to Walmart to pick up my new toothbrush? While I wasn’t this excited, I was close:

Fun with Sonicare Toothbrushes

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