Getting a PowerUpgrade with Philips Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrushes


PowerUp Toothbrushes
You know what you can’t do while brushing your teeth? Talk, clean, answer toddler questions, cook, do your taxes or pay bills. Is it any wonder that I love brushing my teeth? I look forward to shrugging and giving the “I can’t answer you right now” look for a few minutes each morning and night so I can escape into my own thoughts. It’s the small things, really.

So, how could I possibly make my “me time” even better? With a PowerUpgrade, of course. This month, I got to ditch my old manual toothbrush in favor of something more powerful, more effective, and much more beautiful: a Philips Sonicare PowerUp electric toothbrush.

Is it okay that I admit I was unreasonably excited about going to Walmart to pick up my new toothbrush? While I wasn’t this excited, I was close:

Fun with Sonicare Toothbrushes

I had been wanting a Sonicare toothbrush for quite some time, so when I saw $17.97 price point for the battery-powered head-changing toothbrush with the Sonicare name, I knew it was the perfect time to buy. In fact, I was so excited that I got two so hubby and I could both upgrade. Wife of the Year, yes?

PowerUp your morning routine
Since I’ve been using the Philips Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush, I’ve been very impressed with the results. The package boasted that the Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush delivers “a month's worth of brush strokes in a day” in just 2 minutes when brushing morning and night and I was curious to see if it would make that much difference.

It turns out that it makes a ton of difference in the way my teeth feel after brushing, and the only thing I can compare my PowerUpgrade to is the way my teeth feel after visiting the dentist. So, it’s like having dentist-clean teeth two times a day, without the dreaded bill.

In the past week since I ditched my manual toothbrush, I have really put the Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush to the test. Both at home and in places you definitely wouldn’t expect a dentist-clean feel, like a camping trip with corn on the cob, fruit, and popcorn {but not at the same time}.

Dentist clean here
And, you would not believe the jealous looks I got at the campground from all the other campers with their plain jane manual brushes. Whole groups of campers would ask me questions about whether I had brought the charging base with me and then I would watch as they reacted when I told them it just took two AA batteries so I wasn’t worried about charging it or running out of power.

Nor was I worried about the fact that I was alternating between coffee, red wine, and berries of all kinds throughout the day and what that might be doing to my poor teeth. It turns out, a month’s worth of brushstrokes really can make a difference when you’re looking to #powerupursmile.  Just look at my pearly whites!

Need more reasons to switch to the Sonicare PowerUp Battery Toothbrush?

• Helps improve gum health
• Helps reduce cavities
• Clinically proven safe and gentle
• Familiar brushing motion
• Removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush
• 2-minute timer helps ensure recommended brushing time
• Includes 2 AA batteries

Bonus!  The toothbrush not only has a satisfaction guarantee, it also has a 2 year warranty through Philips Sonicare.  Extra bonus!  They give you an awesome coupon for use in their store and 6 months free warranty coverage if you register your Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush right now! 

I think it’s safe to say that the old manual toothbrush has been ditched for good and I will not be going back. This of course, means I’ve got two new mini cleaning brushes at my disposal. What should I clean first? Looking for more ideas on how to repurpose a manual toothbrush after you upgrade to the Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush?  Check out this great post on the many ways you can repurpose your manual toothbrush before you recycle.
Repurpose your manual toothbrush
Want to see the entire story {in pictures}?  Check out our Sonicare PowerUp Google+ album to see what shopping for toothbrushes with two kids is like.

Be sure and follow @Sonicare_US on Twitter and check out the Philips Sonicare Facebook page for even more information, including this awesome video of the evolution of the toothbrush.

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  1. I never considered brushing my teeth as me time, but I think I will now! And who couldn’t use a dentist clean feeling without the cost of going to the dentist?? That’s enough of a perk for me!


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